Light’n’Shadowzzz with DIANA BABY (and a GHOST!!!!)


11.08.2013 – another lo-fi photography album made with my beloved DIANA BABY 110 micro-camera in Grabowki. This time I used the the Orca 16mm b&w film from Lomography. It gives a really vintage feeling to the photos.

Krediler: yerzmyey

Also You can find here some interesting light-leaks and flares, especially one of them is pretty weird and even scary, as it looks like… a hand reaching to me (right/low corner in one of the photos). Bizarre indeed. But that’s the kind of adventure You can encounter while using DIANA BABY. :)
Or maybe… there WAS a ghost on the place I was shooting? :) Who knows!

Krediler: yerzmyey

What You have to remember about, while using the Orca film – it has NO counter. At first it’s kind of confusing but in the end everything is being done automatically and the camera stops in right places every time, while forwarding the film, so it’s not any real problem (although I still prefer films WITH the counter on-board).

Krediler: yerzmyey

The gallery is here:

written by yerzmyey on 2013-09-10


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    THIS IS AWESOME, MAN. Keep up the good writing

  2. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    @hervinsyah Hhehehehe, thx a lot!!!!!! ;)