Classic photography & retro-computing? :)


There is activity similar to lomography but it exist in the world of computers. Lomographers prefer to use classic cameras to get the oldschool feeling and results, instead of modern digital cameras. They enjoy using old machines or their modern clones.
But the same goes to the computer world ( © by Kraftwerk, hehehe). There are maaaany people who use modern PCs and Macs only for work. And for their art or hobby activity – they use only and exclusively computers from 80s and early 90s – ZX Spectrum, Atari XL/XE, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga and so on. And their modern clones (still being produced).

Just like the lomographers use their classic cameras or the clones from Lomography Society and others. Retro-computing fans organize meetings, contests, they code new programs for their old-but-still-kicking machines, draw new pictures, compose new music (like me – ).

There was such a meeting last weekend (26-28 July 2013) in Glucholazy town, where I’ve been too, and took my Amiga 500 plus Atari Falcon 030. Considering interest in ancient classic hardware among the visitors, I also took 6 of my analogue cameras hoping that they might get interested in lomography too. Who knows. It could happen. I took 4 classic machines and two modern ones – Dianas: Mini and Baby, made by the Lomography Society.
Of course not only empty cameras – each and every one was loaded with Kodak and Fuji :) for making photos and show to gathered people that analogue photography (and lo-fi photography, for that matter, considering the Diana Baby) is very much alive – exactly like 8-bit and 16-bit computer scene.

And I have to admit people were really interested, asking about the devices, films, contemporary possibilities of developing and so on. I hope at least some of them will go deeper into the subject-matter, seeing that keeps us all together and provides us new machines and films.

Krediler: yerzmyey

As for the photos, I made many of them just for fun and documenting the meeting so I will not bother You with this, but I managed also to make some lomo-walks, making some more serious stuff – and this I will be putting here, into my profile. The Glucholazy city is very nice, so I managed to find several really cool places to take some shots.

Krediler: yerzmyey

The first part has been made with Lomo Smena 8M, and with time, I will upload the next collections made with other cameras. Meanwhile – the Glucholazy in the Smena’s glass-eye. ;)

Krediler: yerzmyey

written by yerzmyey on 2013-08-03


  1. philhale
    philhale ·

    Nice - I still have a ZX Spectrum +2, an Amiga 500 and an Amiga 1200 stashed up in my loft which still worked last time they were powered up. I did have an original 48k ZX Spectrum too, but unfortunately that doesn't work any more. Brings back memories though of a whole load of us gathering at a friends house while I was at school, with everyone bringing a computer - There were Spectrums, a Vic20, a C64 and an Oric-1.

  2. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    @philhale Yes, I have several classic machines too. ;) Or maybe a bit more than several. ;) And people still make good games for them, by the way! :)

  3. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    I have some Soviet "Electronics BC-0011." Amount of RAM - 128 KB, page-organization, two memory pages can be alternately displayed on the screen to provide instant screen redraw. 4 MHz processor. Screen palette. Home computer was made in likeness of the ZX but based on domestic components.

  4. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    @alexkon Yeah, beautiful times of 8bit computers! ;)

  5. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    @yerzmyey BC-0011 was 16-bit. Since the assembler like PDP-11. They had (ZX Spectrum too) a very good Dos and BASIC. Here are 2 things which I nostalgic. found them in the camera and it's fantastic!