The BeLOMO Agat 18K again (doesn't work!!) :(


Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh. So I don’t know what is it. I loaded the machine with film and……. it doesn’t work. :-\

The camera doesn’t want to transport the film. The perforation has been destroyed while trying and it even doesn’t make the ‘click’ while pressing button (although the film has been put inside in a proper way). Maybe the ‘cog wheel’ works too tough/hard? Arrrrrrrgh.

It’s a real pity, especially after I saw how good photos can be taken with the camera (works of Alexander_Krolikowski or Deje, here on; check them out dudez, worthy!).

written by yerzmyey on 2013-06-06


  1. usha_berg
    usha_berg ·

    I'm sorry... I think the problem are here -> ‘cog wheel’

  2. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Yupp, it's a pity. Especially that I like the CCCP cameras (or various CCCP stuff in general, for that matter ;) ).

    Also a pity because according to the WWW site - my version of the camera is supposedly "very rare".

  3. erbswurst
    erbswurst ·

    this is sad, I've had a similar problem with some SL-Cameras (Certo and Beirette) but if the shutter doesn't work it might be worth to give the machine to one of the old photo shops, some of these guys have a huge knowledge and know many of the soviet and east german cameras from the past.

  4. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Oh, and this is an interesting idea.
    I will surely check out if there is any of such places nearby, in the neighbourhood.
    Thx a lot. :)

  5. usha_berg
    usha_berg ·

    I advise you to contact the Russian group:
    There's all sorts of advices.

  6. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Oh, I didn't realize there exists such a thing. Many thanks, I will check it out! :)

  7. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    OK, now I'm sure it's broken after all.
    I loaded another film but again the perforation has been destroyed.
    To properly set the shutter, to make the camera 'click' ;) one has to rewind the film and then the cog-wheel makes it while film transportation.
    The problem is - then, in this exact moment, the cog-wheel works too tough/hard. :( And the film gets destroyed. :-\
    So I'll have to find a guy who'd be able to fix the device, or try to buy another issue of the camera (working, this time).
    Thanks all for the help!!! :)