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  • Meters

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  • Flying Photographer

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  • 2nd Apr

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    Fooling around during the One Light Workshop with Zack Arias at Gulf Photo Plus

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  • Paper by Wisut Ponnimit

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    cartoon manuscript exhibition and live portrait drawing at People Space Gallery <Lucky Super 200 New>

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  • A Hard Day's Night

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    Hard days in Srakaew, Bangkok & Chonburi of us, SoSharp & Zwingzet. it's an honor for me to rock & roll with you ;) <Fuji Velvia 100, x-process>

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  • Tiffany & her Orange Bus

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    This shot is of my daughter...who is 21 and is travelling in her 1979 VW camper bus across the United States....from Seattle to Rhode Island School of Design. She is a brave, independant soul....and an independant traveller. I love her spirit.

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  • red vans shoes

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    red shoes. bright and nice. goes well with the coloursplash flash!

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  • Tirana

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    Albania has always been torn between the powers of their times and developed quite an interesting and also peculiar national identy. The greatest influence by far was from the Ottoman empire. During their historical height in 1614 the city of Tirana was founded as one of the most western point of Islam culture. This is still significant today, because Albania and Bosnia remain to be the most western traces of the turkish influence of the past centuries. But the other significant political movement in Albania was comunism. Ever since from the liberation of the Nazis in 1944 Albania was a comunist dictatorship. This lasted pretty long until 1991. And during all that time this country barely had contact to anyone else. Noone left and seldomly people were let in. So here developed an isolated people withdrawn from the world. Now many traces in the architecture and the way the people act is still connected to those 50 years. Most visible on the Skanderberg square. The central ground and with a huge empty space in the middle, which where made for military gatherings and parades. Quite a few of the 600000 inhabitants of the city cross this square everyday, hence it connects you with bus to every party of the town. Also the long distance-buses are not far away. Behind the museum of fine arts you will find some statues of Stalin and The theaters and political institutions are very monumental. Welcome to Eastern Europe. During our stay in Tirana we slept at Freddy´s Hostel. Freddy is a guy, who has family in Germany and now is starting in the backpackers business, which is growing literally with him. I think he had the right idea at the right time. He is renting various apartments close to the main square for really cheap fares. And he picks you up with his polo at the airport, too ;) Albania is a poor country, but modern fashion and technical gadgets are on the rise. And many

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    Initial successful shots from the first 7 rolls with Lubitel 166+. Some shots (which i didn't post) are over exposed, some mistakes on the focusing distance and problems with the lock because this cam opened while i was walking, thus overexposing the shots. And it happened twice but otherwise I'm cool with it. This virgin Lubitel 166+ owner is on its way to more and experimental shots ahead:))

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  • like a fish

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    Lomo3 exposition for the national day of photography in Santiago, Chile

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  • China

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    all my favorite supersampler shots

  • From Sydney's Art & About, outdoor exhibition of…

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