I'm BACK!! Just in time for PROPHECY!

Credits: xxxanderrr

This is my submission for the Make Your Prophecy competition.
What is it? It’s a song that I’ve composed and recorded by myself in its entirety.
However, it has a video to go along with it – one that shows why sometimes it’s best to just leave it all behind.

A Lomographic Journey

Being in a long distance relationship, and that for 2 years now, it’s difficult for me to stay away from the digital world. Sadly, there just aren’t many ways to be “together” over distance, especially not involving all things digital. Of course, you get the occasional letter in the mail with a cute picture, there are phonecalls.. but in reality, the digital world is what keeps this working when we’re not together for 2-3 months at a time. Skype, MSN, SMS, Facebook, you name it – that’s what makes her “be” there with me when there’s really 2.000 km between us.
Yet all that changes when we meet! Everything is left behind – Facebook, Skype, Google Plus – all of it.
When we’re together, there is enough we can do, and one special thing that connects us is Lomography! It is more than a hobby for us, it is a lifestyle

So this video is an insight to our lives..the things around us and the people with us..it shows our beautiful journey..
From where it all began – Amsterdam, to Germany, to Finland, to Russia.. A journey into the analogue world. A journey away from daily routine, into the world of colours, experiments and everyday beauty – the world through the eyes of two LomoLovers.
I hope I’ll get to catch up on the last month’s new albums :))


written by xxxanderrr on 2011-07-15

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