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How I got introduced to Lomo and how I got hooked.. 2 very separate events..

I hate to admit.. but I wasn't fully hooked into Lomo well after a year of being introduced to it.. It's a shame really, but I'm glad it worked out for the best!

A few years ago I started out with digital photography. The usual, rule of thirds, composition, perfect exposures, as little noise as possible, all about perfection.. Had an account on flickr, was part of a photography forum where people would give each other feedback and so on..
And then there was this one guy who posted a few pics from a trip to the mountains. They were taken with a Holga CFN 120 with 35mm film, sprockets and light leaks, cross-processed. And they looked amazing!
So I asked the guy what he took them with, he linked me up with a Holga site, and soon enough I had ordered a Holga Starter Kit from Amazon.
My first 3 rolls were basically screwed up, I had only a few “good” pictures come out of them, so I kinda lost the motivation.

What added to it was the fact that I paid about 20 Euros for development and 10×10cm prints. Which is like.. a LOT for a student. Obviously I wasn’t thinking of scanners and “just development” back then.. I was just too much of a n00b in film photography.

A few months passed by, and I decided to use 35mm film on my Holga. That didn’t work out either. I got about 5-6 pictures from the roll that were acceptable – the others were just.. pure shite. Only after getting the prints did I realize the limitations of a 60mm lens on 35mm film..

And again the motivation faded.

And then I went to Amsterdam with my 2 best friends, my now girlfriend and her childhood friend. I took my Holga and my digital SLR. For the hell of it, I bought about 10 rolls of Fuji Superia 120film… And I ended up not ONCE taking out my SLR, but just shooting Holga stuff.
I went wild. Doubles, hip shots, flash here flash there. It felt like fun, though maybe it was the weed talking.
But when later on I got the prints I was simply STOKED. They were incredible! I did pay quite a lot of money for it, but still!

And then my girlfriend got herself a Holga, after being so in love with mine.
And she.. is the one who till this day pushes me and moves me to take more pictures, to get more film and more cameras.
She is truly the one who got me EXCITED about lomo.
For one.. it was her own excitement that got me all YAAAY about lomo. She was SOOOO into her Holga it made me nuts really..
So once her birthday came, I got her a fisheye camera which she used a lot in summer and got some stunning pictures from.

And then came the GAS: gear acquisition syndrome. All you heard us say is “I want to try THIS film” and “I want to get THIS camera”.
And sure enough, very soon she got herself a Lubitel 166B.

Photo by yeahyeahyeahh

And so did I, like 3 weeks later.

Photo by xxxanderrr

Followed by her Diana F+ CMYK, and my Diana Mini.

Followed by an Instant Back as a present to her, and hopefully to be followed by a Diana Deluxe Kit and a Spinner for us both

And of course, this was all accompanied by a LOT of film.. first a few rolls here and there, and then 35 rolls of 1991 expired Kodak Ektachrome64 off ebay, and then 86 rolls of lots of random expired stuff…

Photo by xxxanderrr

And the way things are going, there is no stopping us. We will continue getting film. We will continue getting cameras. We will continue documenting our travels on film and not a stupid CCD or CMOS sensor.
And for this I would like to thank you @yeahyeahyeah !

Photo by yeahyeahyeahh

written by xxxanderrr

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    Honest. Congratulations my friend. Salud!

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