SAMOCA 35 III is an old Japanese camera, which I think was made in the 50's last century. The body is small as the LC-A+, and brick solid heavy. Shutter speed varies from 1/25, 1/50, to 1/100 sec plus B. Lens: 50mm/ F 3.5. It is interesting that multi exposure is easily available by simplly press the lever with your left index finger, without your eyes getting away from the viewfinder. That's even more convenient than the LC-A+. Besides, that lever also serves as the rewinding button. ..


  1. volker-jp
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    very nice album! ...sounds like an interesting camera. You've made me curious. Have a good one!

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    Nice album! Now you have me looking at the Samocas on Ebay. Hehe...:D

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    really nice album wuxiong!

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    love this one :)

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    love this!