Aw its not fair


I had amorning at Cape Banks. I did many lovely HDR phtoos which can be seen on my flickr and I had taken my analogue bag,. As the scenery was so lovely, I took my fresh film from Lomography in Hongkong. Mostly 200 and 400 film. All colour. I wanted to capture the beauty around me in analogue. My trusty Lubitel 166B and Cmema and to get the 360 view, my Spinner 360.

I was very excited to drop off 4 Medium format films and the spinner film to my developer and even more excitedly went to pick them up today.

Here I was crestfallen. My lovely photos were monochomatic. All green. Now I have used these cameras before and gotten nice colours with a ISO 100 Fujicolor film (Expired) and I had such high hopes for the Chrome 200. I thought of many reasons but these films are the only ones I have received from overseas. All others film so far, I have received has come from Australia, and so not gone throught the stringent customs x-rays that these had.
I wonder is there would be another suggestion. I am open to ideas.
All I can say was the detail was captured faithfully, and IF I had been after lomo style photos I would be thrilled but I wanted colour.. :-( Seriously bummed

Credits: woosang

written by woosang on 2011-01-19


  1. rnuk
    rnuk ·

    Did you xpro them? I bet you did. Xpro isn't always as great as everyone makes out.

  2. woosang
    woosang ·

    Yeah two of the 4 films are x-pro, ONe was an Lomo ISO 800 and one a Fuji color ISO160

    The spinner had an ISO 800 from Lomo

  3. rnuk
    rnuk ·

    That's why they've gone all wonky coloured. I don't think it's your film travelling. Cross processing is a wild beast that cannot be easily tamed. I've never understood why so-called lomographers' immediate thought upon finishing a reel is 'must get this cross processed'.

    When it comes to Lomography cameras, the only variable involved is the film. I've got a notebook in which I list all the films I've used and their characteristics in print. No two films are the same, and this goes ten-times more important when you start to xpro. Take my xpros, for example:

    Fuji Velvia 50…
    Definite green cast there. Let's try the Velvia 100
    OH NO! Everything's gone all red! What to do? Fortunately, serindipity was on my side, something lomographers rely on far too much.

    I'm having far too much fun processing C-41 films as C-41 and seeing how they're meant to look, than gambling with xpro. I'd have hated for this to come out any other colour:

    My advice: be unusual. DON'T cross process. And carry a notebook with your films. And be a bit more precise than 'Fuji colour'. I've got four different types of Fuji colour films in my fridge right now.

    Gosh, I'm awfully serious, aren't I?

  4. woosang
    woosang ·

    Not at all. I value your input. I had no choice with the fuji film, i do not had a place that will process e-6 chemicals as for the x-pro, well, it did say it was ok for c-41. Well i am back to chemist brand film. I also have a notebook, sounds like i do the same as you.
    I am puzzled by the Lomo film. Not cross processed and still green.

  5. woosang
    woosang ·

    Lol i miss understood your original question.. When you asked if i x-pro... I used the x-pro film but not cross process the films. ( except the fuji as stated above)

  6. rnuk
    rnuk ·

    That sounds odd. They do an xpro film? Not really sure what that means. It's the processing that is crossed, not the film...oh well.