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A Trap for Lomographers...I Mean, Hipsters

Are lomographers hipsters? Are hipsters lomographers? I don't have the answer to these questions, but I'm sure you would also fall into this trap.

How to Build Your Own Medium-Format Pinhole Camera

It's April and soon, Pinhole Day will come. Everybody's gotta try and shoot with a pinhole camera and here's how to build one. Enough said!

Redscale Technique: The Principle of Light Penetrability

I do not know if this is a unique idea; if it is, then I am taking my claim to immortality. Introducing, the "Principle of Light Penetrability" by Rene M. Nob.

Repurposing a Broken Polaroid 210 Automatic Land Camera

Instead of throwing away a broken camera from my childhood, I decided to convert it into pinhole camera. Read more to learn how I did it and to see the results.

Hiking and Spinning

By the Decade: 1930's Mugshots

Mugshots of criminals were taken as early as the 1870's. Its purpose is for the authorities to have a record of the offender so that victims can easily identify them. Typically, mugshots have two parts -- one front-view and one side-view of the person. In the second installment of this series, we'll take a look at some mugshots from the 1930's.

By the Decade: 1920's Mugshots

Mugshots of criminals were taken as early as the 1870's. Its purpose is for the authorities to have a record of the offender so that victims can easily identify them. Typically, mugshots have two parts -- one front-view and one side-view of the person. For this series, we'll take a look at some of the mugshots from each decade starting from the 1920's.

Lomo Recycle: A Paper Egg Box!

When my grandma came back from the supermarket, I wanted to keep the egg box. She asked me: "What do you want to do with it?", and I said that I didn't know, but something came to mind. Can you guess what I thought?

A Simple Guide to Setting Up Your Own Photographic Darkroom

In this simple tutorial our friends over at PhotoTuts+ teach you how to make your own photographic darkroom for developing black & white film!

Mary's Photo Diary: A Love Affair with My Canon AE-1

As promised, here is Mary's first entry for her very own Photo Diary series wherein she dissects her affinity with her favourite SLR camera.

Film Advance Knob Turns for Lubitel 2 + 35mm

Converting your medium format camera into a 35mm one isn't new. However, I found a lack of resource as to how to accurately advance the knob and avoid film wastage. Hopefully, this tip will help other medium format camera owners figure out the number of turns you will need per exposure to make the most out of your 35mm roll.

42 weeks, here at last!
Little Amelie
First try with Infrared
First try with Infrared

35mm Back Diana F+ : Framing correctly

When we get comfortable with modern digital cameras or with the Diana F+ 120 film format and then start using the 35mm back for the Diana F+, most of the times we have a hard time getting the framing right and knowing what will come out on the negative/slide.

Lubitel Love from Waist Level Chapter 10: Give Up Control and Learn to Love Analog

Even the most anal-retentive of photographers, with all the settings set perfectly, will find that the Lubitel pulls a surprise out of its bag of tricks every now and then. It’s best to roll with it - and be a little random yourself.

Cheap Water Bottle Tripod

We've all been there, its a hot day and you only have room in your bag for either a tripod or a water bottle. But why compromise? With this not-entirely-pointless How To, you can soon make your very own Bottle Tripod! Hallelujah i hear you cry! I shall never go without water or photos again! Finally an answer to all my tripod/bottle related problems!

Found: Lost Negatives in Melbourne, Australia

After almost six years (and still counting), will these smirched, tarnished, and worn-out negatives still find their way to their real photographer? Let us find a way to do so. Analogue forces, volt in!

Day Tour of the Blue Mountains

If you are in Australia, be sure to visit the famous Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains offer spectacular scenery, plant life and wildlife. Check out the amazing Blue Mountains on a full day tour from Sydney. See the Three Sisters rock formation, hike at Wentworth Falls, take in the spectacular lookouts, and see kangaroos in their natural habitat.

Things Found on Our Hard Drives: The Lomo Song

Some years ago we received a promotional CD-ROM of the LOMO PLC factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Along with a lot of interesting facts about the history of this esteemed factory we've discovered one true gem: the Lomo Song.

Lomo Espionage & Photo Taking Etiquette

How this mild mannered, middle-aged woman, strikes fear into the hearts of good people everywhere by wielding a lomo camera.

My Secret Ingredient for a Delicious Xpro

My secret Ingredient for a very satisfying Lomographic meal: Kodak Ektachrome E100G!

Let the light in! (Lomography X-pro 200 film)

Want to let a little light in on your cross processed slide photos? Want turquoise blues, bright yellows & green casts on your photos? Want double exposures that pop with colour & depth? You will love the Lomography X-Pro 200 film!

Lomo Case for No Mo' money

I built my own lomo case out of an old luggage and leftover foam pieces. It is free, cheap and I had it customised to myself and my cameras, and did I already mentioned it's free?


The Million Piggies Giveaway: Day 4 – Blogacious!

It’s Day 4 of our massive One Million Piggies Giveaway and we want you to get writing! The Blogacious Challenge is, like, totally bodacious - Read on for details…