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Yashica T4 black and white photos
Yashica T4 black and white photos
Yashica T4 black and white photos
Yashica T4 black and white photos
Yashica T4 black and white photos

Kodak Ektachrome 160T EPT (120, 160 iso) User-Review

A Tungsten slide film. Can it survive without tungsten light?

A Little Humor Never Hurt

Couldn't help but laugh out loud at this one. There are tons of things people born today will never know even existed... Remote controls for gaming devices anyone? But this little bit of humor really brightened our day.

Fujica MA 1 - Lens Made in Japan

Presented at Photokina 1982 The Fujica MA 1 is the final variant of the M-1.

Kyoto in autumn
Kyoto in autumn
Kyoto in autumn
Kyoto in autumn
Kyoto in autumn

Robert Capa Black and White Rumble

Robert Capa is best known as a war combat photographer. He has documented five different wars in his career. For our Robert Capa tribute this week, we want you to submit your black and white photos of soldiers. More details after the jump...

Kyoto in autumn

The Essen Taste of Lomography: LomoFood Competition

Essen, A taste Magazine, sits down the table with Lomography again. While sipping hot tea and tasting delicious pastries, guess what we've managed to come up with?

Mephisto's December Rumble

For the last Mephisto rumble of the year, we're going to go against the grain and avoid all this talk of cold, wet snow. It's all about the sun, baby!

Kyoto in autumn
Kyoto in autumn

The 'Most Awkward Family Holiday Photo' Rumble

Welcome to the holidays! This is the season in which we catch-up with family who we have failed to spend much time with during the year due to random reasons. And with that said, we should never miss having a photo opportunity to savor the moment!

Kyoto in autumn
Kyoto in autumn
Kyoto in autumn

LomoPeople Malaysia: Azlan Shaukani

Hi Malaysians and Lomography community! Did you know who's Azlan Shaukani? Azlan is one of the thousands Malaysian lomographer that is very active in Lomography thingy.

LomoPeople Malaysia: Jibam

Hello Malaysians and Lomography community! Meet Mohd Aliff bin Jamil, also known as Jibam from Johor Bahru! He is a proud member of Effekts, a community of analogue lovers from Malaysia. Get to know more about Jibam.

Malaysian Community Personality Guide #8: mishika and Her Diana Mini

With our wide variety of Lomographic cameras, let's check out which one draws the most attention and love from our selected Malaysian community members! This time, mishika – an IT Business Analyst from Malaysia – shares with us her Lomographic journey with her favorite camera in relation to her personality, along with a selection of her favorite shots.

Kodak ProImage, Simplicity in Negative

If negatives are what you want to talk about , then by far one of the most faithful is the Kodak ProImage.

Seoul Kitchen Competition

We know you've heard of and probably tasted twice-fried Korean chicken but that's not all that Seoul has to offer! Send in your most scrumptious Korean inspired dishes today and who knows, you might experience the cuisine firsthand - We have a trip for two to Seoul and special edition La Sardina cameras to give away as prizes!

Countdown to Lomography Gallery Store Singapore Rumble #7!

Lomography Gallery Store is finally landing in Singapore in 4 days time. Together, let’s countdown the days to the opening with 10 flash rumbles for the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography! Today’s challenge is Rule #4!

Manchester calling you for Lomowall submissions!

Time to start submitting for our beautiful Lomowall in Manchester!

Olympus Pen EE-3: The Pen-o-tastic Half-Frame Camera

A picture tells more than a thousand words, they say. At its best it tells a whole story. But what if one frame at a time is not enough to tell the whole story? That’s where half frame photography really excels. The 1973 build Olympus Pen EE-3 is my weapon of choice when it comes to half frame.

Olympus Pen EE3 - The Fantastic Half-Frame Camera

Way before the Golden-Half and Diana Mini, there were the little known Olympus half-frame cameras- the Olympus Pen EE models.

Half Frame Gold!

This little nugget is definitely worth its weight in gold! GET ONE!!

Olympus Pen EES-2 - Staff Review

This classic, compact half-frame camera is considered as the masterpiece of the affordable Olympus Pen EES Series, designed to make up for the imperfections of earlier models.

Be Lomo Elikon 535

The Elikon 535 is one of my prized possessions. Didn't order this from LSI though, I came across this little Russian camera at a flea market (sounds familiar, no?).

New feature on your LomoHome - The camera shelf

We just launched a new feature on your LomoHome - the camera shelf.

Lomo T-shirt Printing!

Nothing feels better than wearing a shirt you designed yourself!