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Your home is your castle and this why-yu's trophy wall! Thanks for your hospitality and making it such a lovely place to visit along with the many community contributions as well! You can receive awards by entering competitions or achieving certain goals.

General Awards

Top Photo Liker of March 2014
Top Photo Liker of February 2014
Top Photo Liker of January 2014
Lomography Guru
Ask Your Guru
Top Photo Uploader of May 2013
Top Photo Commenter of May 2013
Top Photo Liker of May 2013
Top Photo Uploader of 2012
Most Popular User of 2012
August's Most Popular Newcomers
October's Most Photo Likers
November's Top Photo Likers
Home of the Day
January 2012's Top Photo Liker
Top Photo Uploader of July 2012
Most Popular User Blog of July 2012
Most Popular User of July 2012


Analogue Grandmaster
Say What You See
Happy Snapper
I Like This
Trigger-Happy Hero
Spool's Gold
Word of Mouth
24/7 Lomographer
Shutter Lover
The Film Pharaoh
El Presidente
Share the Love
Lomographic Connoisseur
Lovely Liker
Good Samaritan
Like-Button Addict
Like it Like that
Sir Likealot
Dick Van Like
Every Comment Counts
Talk of the Town
Writings on the Wall
Like It? I Love It!
Analogue Veteran
King of Likes
Gossip Boy/Girl
Through the Grapevine
Tell it Like it Is