Regeneration, Decay and Cheery Stuff


The Anfield and Breckfield Regeneration Zone is a bit of a bleak visit, boarded up terraced houses, red brick floored plains where the demolition has taken place. It’s progress of a kind I guess but got to wonder if its at the expense of an existing community. Anyway you can make your own mind up on that matter. The housing stock wasn’t great….

Milton Keynes may have concrete cows but I found a fibre glass one in Anfield but messed the pic up. The one that got away, loads of them already since the Holga arrived but that’s part of the fun.

Ever the cheery soul on the way to the processors I head to Toxteth Cemetary but stop on the way to take a pic of some nice street art opposite the Wimmins.

Credits: western4uk

As for the Cemetary, there is something fascinating about tombstones and the almost higgledy piggledy way that graveyards have of taking ordered rows of headstones and messing them about (I guess formally you’d call it subsidence but I kind of like to think of it as the graveyard messing around). I always like to visit them anyway.

Credits: western4uk

written by western4uk on 2011-02-06


  1. catherine_martin
    catherine_martin ·

    One of my favourite things to photograph is run down buildings and abandoned stuff! especially with a lomo camera

  2. titidvivant
    titidvivant ·

    The color of those bricks give them a lot more personality, unfortunate that they are boarded up...