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Friday Movie Flashback: ‘In the Mood for Love’

Wong Kar-wai’s “In the Mood for Love” is beautifully poignant.

Perfect Combination: Nikon FE2 + Petzval Lens and Lomochrome Purple Film

I love trying all different combinations of cameras on my shelf and film in my freezer. Sometimes things come out OK, sometimes not so good. But just this week, I found a golden combination. Or better yet, a brass/purple combination: my Nikon FE2 armed with the new Petzval lens and loaded with Lomochrome Purple. Check it out!

escalator doubles

The Ultimate Konstruktor Customization From Tokyo

During my trip to Tokyo last week, I had the pleasure to meet with Naga-san, who has won our Konstruktor Customization Contest in Japan, by showcasing the ultimate Konstruktor modification that truly expands the Konstruktor's capability...

The Land of Deer: Green Island

Once upon a time, three friends embarked on an adventure to one of the most beautiful islands just off of the coast of Taiwan. They encountered many wonderful, mysterious things. This is their story...

Thomas Kellner's Tango Metropolis - Panoramic Pictures Shot on Rolls of 35mm Film

On the lookout for a new photo project to inspire you? Thomas Kellner's photo project Tango Metropolis is sure to take your breath away!

Finland mix
First rainbow in a long time.
Uneven Grain Outtakes
Ferris wheel
Alcohol time!
LC-Wide - In love with Negative

Alternative Developer: Red Wine

Some of you have tested the development of Black and White Films with instant coffee, called Coffenol. Alternatively, you can also develop the film with red wine. This process is called "Winol".

Basking at the Beach: Summer in New Zealand

An Englishman Expat recounts his summers in New Zealand. Christmas in the Sun is a pretty strange place to be.

Change Your World by Changing Your Angle!

What kind of angle do you usually use to shoot your shots? I do understand that everyone uses different camera angles due to the subject one likes to capture. However, what I always try to do when I shoot is to have a low angle. When you hold your camera and shoot with the low angle, you can definitely gain a different result on your film! You can change your world by changing your angle!

My Belair X 6-12 Light Painting Party

Last weekend while we were baking Christmas cookies with friends (it’s very common to do these baking sessions here in Austria!), we had fun doing some light paintings with the Belair X 6-12! Here’s how I shot the photos…

Crack The Code with kylethefrench

All too often we wonder how some of our fellow Lomographers achieve super-fantastic otherwordly results. Thanks to Crack The Code, they reveal their secrets for everyone to appreciate their great technique and fantasy but also to try out for themselves. Let's see how kylethefrench achieved this great shot.

ccwu 背包裡的隨身夥伴

暑假已經跟我們說 bye-bye,正是背起書包上學去的時候了!愛拍照的 ccwu 雖然已經離開了校園生活,但大男孩的個性在包包裡頭卻是一覽無遺,來瞧瞧他的包包裡都裝了些什麼吧!

Spotted: Pretty Little Rolleiflex in Pretty Little Liars!

The beloved analogue child, Rolleiflex is spotted in the American teen drama mystery-thriller (woooo spooky!) series Pretty Little Liars. I was indulging in my favorite television guilty pleasure when this baby appeared on the screen!

Minimal Control Could Mean Great Doubles

Imposing some degree of control can increase the probability that your doubles will turn out good.