• Shoreham Cement Works Shoot

    written by welland on 2011-12-30 in #world #locations
    Shoreham Cement Works Shoot

    I have never tried an actual modeling shoot and fancied giving it a go. I had also just been introduced to a website called 28 Days Later. This website is for people to post shots of their urban exploring adventures. The idea is to gain access to forgotten sites those that are run down and disused, and take photos. The buildings are like a time capsule of the day they were shut.

  • My New Lubitel

    written by welland on 2011-11-24 in #lifestyle
    My New Lubitel

    I just acquired a camera that I have desperately wanted for a long time -- the Lubitel 166b! Here's the story of how I got my Lubitel through a camera swap.

  • 로모들의 모멤버를 위한 콧수염 기르기

    written by welland on 2011-11-21 in #lifestyle
    로모들의 모멤버를 위한 콧수염 기르기

    매년 11월 동안, 모멤버는 수 천명의 전 세계 남성의 얼굴에 콧수염을 기르게 하는 책임이 있죠. 모벰버의 취지는 중요한 모금을 하고 남성의 건강, 특히나 전립선 암과 남성에 영향을 주는 다른 암들에 대한 경각심을 주기 위한 것입니다. 자, 그럼 이제 제가 왜 이 캠페인에 참여했는지 소개해 드릴게요!

  • Lomos con bigote para Movember

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    Lomos con bigote para Movember

    Cada año en Noviembre, Movember es el responsable del brote de bigotes en las caras de miles de hombres alrededor del planeta. El objetivo de esta campaña es recaudar fondos en beneficio de la salud masculina, especialmente contra el cáncer de próstata y otros cánceres que afectan especialmente a los hombres ¡Aquí os cuento porqué participo con ellos!

  • Alton Towers

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    Alton Towers

    Pozrime sa na dôvody, prečo sú zábavné parky fantastickými miestami na zachytenie ľudských emócií v kontraste s mechanickou krásou.

  • Alton Towers

    written by welland on 2011-11-10 in #world #locations
    Alton Towers

    A look at why theme parks are fantastic places to capture emotion versus human mechanical achievement.

  • Lomo為了Movember生長出鬍鬚

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  • Lomos Grow Mos for Movember

    written by welland on 2011-10-25 in #news
    Lomos Grow Mos for Movember

    During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Here's why i am taking part!

  • In Alto Mare

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    In Alto Mare

    Uno sguardo veloce al perchè la spiaggia più essere uno dei posti più interessanti da riprendere.

  • Out to Sea

    written by welland on 2011-10-01 in #world #locations
    Out to Sea

    A look at why a beach can be one of the most interesting places to shoot.

  • Modder, zweet en bier

    written by welland on 2011-08-22 in #lifestyle
    Modder, zweet en bier

    Waarom festivals de beste plekken zijn om je Lomography camera mee naartoe te nemen.

  • Mud, Sweat, and Beers

    written by welland on 2011-08-15 in #lifestyle
    Mud, Sweat, and Beers

    A look at why festivals are possible the best places to take your Lomography cameras.