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在數位相機出現前,大家在按快門前會考慮清楚,害怕浪費底片。但在數位相機、記憶卡和智慧型手機出現之後,大家的攝影習慣都改變了,大量的自拍照、拍攝手、腳、食物 ... 現在 Facebook 或數位相機上所見到的照片,又有多少會在父母的舊相簿中見到呢?

Analogue Day Activity: Go to a flea market and bring home something nice.

Many of us frequent our local vintage stores and flea markets, but not everyone gets to bring home something from these visits, right? Well, if you haven't been to your local flea market or lucky to add something to your rad collection/s, see if you can find the time to do so today!

台中大使館 Workshop:手拿鯉魚旗,春遊黃金麥浪


Most Popular Photo Last Year: November 19, 2011

Yes, Lomography may be considered as a form of art. But when a Lomograph looks like another art form like a painting or a collage... Well, that's a different story!

Keyboard Art Lessons from 1948

If you think those cute and clever emoticons and ASCII art are high-tech artworks, you are mistaken. Read on to find out how keyboard art was made in a more challenging and hardcore way!


在東區街道走一走,轉個彎,你會找到這個曬相機的好去處 - 好樣本事!


在有限的土地上,只能夠向高發展,摩天大廈也許是香港地標性的景點之一。攝影師 Ajay Malghan 剛在香港完成了一系列的藝術作品,這批藝術作品以重曝手法呈現出大都會的建築架構。

Enter the small world on a cart! The Car Poolers series

Which direction will your camera point at when you are standing on a bridge? In most cases we step on the bridge to capture scenery far away, however, Alejadro Cartagena has a very different purpose!

So, Bought Any Film Lately?

In case you missed the memo, the month of October is supposed to be welcomed with a whole lot of film lovin’! What have you done so far?

柯夢波丹雜誌與 Diana F+ Buttercup

在九月份的《柯夢波丹》雜誌中,刊載了台灣模特兒李詠華 ( Hilda Lee ) 手持黃綠配的 Diana F+ Camera - Buttercup,在模特兒的迷人氣質與濃厚的東方氣息下,還是與這台鮮艷的 Diana F+ 如此融合!

A Lovely Birthday Card for a Lovely Birthday Girl

Remember the happy wishes that you wrote for the Diana on her birthday? Well we have compiled the best ones and we are dedicating this article as a birthday card for our beautiful Diana. Read what your fellow Lomo friends have wished the Diana for her birthday. Or comment to add a birthday wish for her!

剪剪貼貼,一起動手做 LomoWall

習慣在沖洗底片的同時將影像洗出來,又恰巧發現牆壁上缺少精緻的裝飾?快拿起相片開始動手做一片 LomoWall 吧!

Lomography 在 Photokina 世界影像博覽會邀請馬戲團?!

兩年一度的 Photokina 是全球最大影像博覽會,相機工業、相機貿易商、專業攝影師、攝影狂熱份子,都不會錯過的盛會!Lomography 為了慶祝滿 20 週年,在科隆主教堂廣場組成了巨型德國影像地圖,還隱藏了驚喜,等著民眾一探究竟!

Most Popular Photo Last Year: September 7, 2011

An ice cream house is always a good idea! A place to hang, have fun, and of course eat ice cream!

從一歲長大到十二歲只要 3 分鐘!


1 + 1 > 2 的樂趣



這是一個可輕易製造散景的點子!快拍拍你帽子上的灰塵並帶著它一起來個 lomowalk 吧!