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How to Show Your Recent Lomography Uploads Automatically on Facebook

Lomography has always been about shooting lots of photos and sharing them with your friends: be it by passing around prints, uploading them to your LomoHome, sending links to friends, tweeting, putting them on Tumblr. Now there's another way to share your photos: automatically posting to your Facebook timeline!

How to Scan Film Without a Film Scanner

If you're just starting in analogue photography, like me, it's probable you don't own a film scanner. Well, no worries, I found a cheap way to scan your film using your old multifunctional scanner or any other simple scanner.

Stars and Moon Shots

I love stars and the moon. Taking a pictures of it might be the most beautiful thing one might perform, so here's a tutorial on how to do it with any camera.

Spotted: Michael Cera & his Horizon

Michael Cera is best known for playing George Michael Bluth in Arrested Development (an American sitcom about that crazy, dysfunctional Bluth family), in that teenage comedy Superbad, and more recently, as Paulie Bleeker in coming-of-age movie Juno.

A Guide for Newbie Shooters Who Want to Become LomoStars!

Sometimes, when browsing through all the Lomohomes, I see some Newbies who don't have any pictures uploaded yet. They complain that they do not have enough experience or money to choose a Lomo cam, sometimes even upload digital pictures. But it could be that easy to start immediately! Here's a quick guide for new people for the first steps into the world of anaolgue photography.

Community LomoAmigo Edmund_li and His Love for his LC-A+ RL

Edmund, a camera store owner, is an avid Lomographer and has been shooting for almost 6 years. He has taken his camera to several Asian countries and shoots whenever and wherever he can! Even when living in a digital age, he still opts to use film over digital cameras.

The Life and Work of Steve Jobs in Photographs

October 16 was declared as 'Steve Jobs Day'. Let's take a look at the work of one of the greatest visionaries and innovators of our time...

Win your Lomography Wishlist

Got your eye on an LC-Wide? Longed for a Diana Mini since forever? Well you could be in luck - This week, we’re giving you the opportunity to win your most wished for Lomography goodies! Read on for details on how to participate in this dream-fulfilling Rumble…

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Lomography

I am certain that every lomographer in this loving site has his or her own reasons for loving Lomography. Here are mine.

Recesky DIY TLR
E6 Process

Color Photography Is 150 Years Old

In the year 2011, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first color snapshot of history. Want to know who did, what and where it was portrayed?

Fuji Natura Classica: Perfect for Snapshots & Beginners

Fuji Natura Classica is so convenient and easy to use. Without having to worry about the exposure settings, for a beginner like me can focus on exploring and learning the features of different films.

What the hell is Tungsten film?

Today we launch the first Lomography Tungsten film, Lomography X Tungsten 64 ISO – If you’re not sure what the hell tungsten film is, read this!

Quick Tips for Photo Composition

The proper composition of the subject can affect the overall outcome of a photograph. There are certain guidelines that you can follow in order to come up with effective shots that improve the quality of your picture! Here are some tips!

Escape from the City: Kampung Baru

Not exactly an escape from the city as it is right in the middle of it - but it sure feels like being away from the city!

Fuji Natura: The Night is Yours

A camera designed for the night stalkers among us, this is a wide-apertured, high ISO hungry camera ready to turn night into day.

8 Easy but Awesome Beginner Tips

Anyone who has spent enough time in the Lomo Society will have a faint idea of some popular tricks people like to do which give you great results! So this Tipster is for all the Lomo-Beginners out there! (Not saying that I am in any way an expert on these! I just happened to see other people doing them and felt like spreading the idea for the newbies!)

Choosing Cameras to Travel With

The sadness of having to leave some, and not being able to take them all!

Recesky DIY TLR

An exciting camera that's fun to build and fun to use.

Recesky DIY TLR

Poor Man's Leica , FED 5B

Wanna feel how rich people owned and snap using a Leica? If you don't have much money and feel the same way like I do, what if you owned a FED 5B. It's very cheap camera as you can get a very affordable price at the flea market but the ability is really awesome!

Menyambut ramadhan
Menyambut ramadhan
Menyambut ramadhan
Menyambut ramadhan
Raya 2011

August's Most Popular LomoWalls

The whole is definitly bigger than the sum of it's parts. Rearrange your photos and create something new!

Sacha Dean Biyan: A Photographic Journey

Award-winning photographer Sacha Dean Biyan has worked in the aeronautics industry for a long time before discovering that he has an interest for photography. Learn more about his story.

Shooting Fashion: Posing

Let's face it. Having models, especially new or inexperienced ones like most of our friends, strike different kinds of poses is no walk in the park. Thankfully we now have a guide!

Twiggy: Forever Fabulous and Fashionable

It's all-out fashion week here on Lomography's Magazine! Today, let us all twist and shout as Twiggy, "The Face of '66," blows us away with her eternally voguish looks and style.

Whatcha lookin at?

Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge Visit

The highest double-decker skybridge in the world. Here are some tips to guide you.