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Singapore : City In A Garden
Nature in Bali

An Analogue Trip Around the World

Aside from taking portraits, mundane moments, and cats just to name a few, we can't deny that we Lomographers are also jet-setters, ready to see the world in an instant!

Hungry Go Singapore Rumble Winners Announcement

Yummy yummy yummy I've got Lomo in my tummy! Ready to salivate at the winners of the Hungry Go Singapore rumble?

iLight at Marina Bay!

Expired Ferrania Solaris 200: Surprising Color Shifts

Let me share a review about shooting with expired Ferrania Solaris 200, the Italian color negative film made famous by the Japanese.

Meet Lomography Singapore Community Star #1: Lawypop

This month, we are turning the spotlight onto some of Singapore's most popular community members. Let's get to know them better, shall we? Meet Lawrence a.k.a. lawypop!

Lomography Singapore's Best Photos of February 2012

Every month, we will recap the best of Singapore Lomographs. Ready? Let's look at February's best shots from the Lion City!

Most Active Newcomers in Singapore – February 2012

As we bid goodbye to February, let's say hello to ten of our most active newbies in the Lomography Singapore Community! Read on to see their amazing analogue photos.

We Went Wild with Scavenger Hunt @ Lomography Gallery Store Singapore

With a whole list of tasks to complete, strangers to approach and photos to snap! Contestants went wild running around town capturing the zaniest and whackiest photos. Trees, Snakes, Leopards are some of the things they have to search and snap!

Meet Singapore LomoCouple #4 Izad and Fiqa!

"I firmly believe that a girl with an analogue camera hanging from her neck is instantly attractive". Perhaps that's the secret to everlasting love? Let's chat with another LomoCouple from Singapore, Izad and Fiqa!

Hungry Go Singapore Rumble!

Hungry go where? Go Singapore, lah! Singapore is world famous for her street food -- the chicken rice, the char kway teow, the durian... the list goes on forever. We're challenging you to capture the best of Singapore cuisine and enter the ranks of the best of Lomography!

Meet Singapore's LomoCouple #3 Nick and Shuyun!

Nick and Shuyun are a LomoCouple who cook, shoot, dance, and love Singapore together. Let's follow their analogue adventures!

Robert Capa Black and White Rumble Winners Announcement

Combat action satisfaction! Well, not really. We wouldn't want you to endanger yourselves in the middle of a combat zone. Anyway, a month has passed and here are the results from the Robert Capa Black and White Rumble. Read on...

Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

When I first moved to Melbourne a little over a year ago, I was out taking a long walk around the city, discovering new places in my new home when I stumbled across Carlton Gardens and the ever so gracious Royal Exhibition Building. Ever since it has been one of my favorite places for photography, and also every time I shoot here - include one or two photos of it with both my Diana Mini and Lomo LC-A, I can't see myself falling out of love with it anytime soon.

My LomoStory: Sasha

My LomoStory began with a pamphlet. I had innocently chanced upon this brochure, displaying Diana in all her plastic glory. Needless to say, I was infatuated. Initially, it was merely physical. I wanted Diana for her body!

How I Got My Camera for 1€

Old film cameras are an advancer in flea markets due to the rise of Lomography and the current rediscovery of analogue. All of us want to find old treasures at bargain prices, but if demand increases, the most cunning sellers realize quickly and rise the prices.

C.C. Wu / 11.20