For Mary Adeline

Credits: grazie

I find comfort in your voice,
Like a caressing embrace in a cold night,
Like the sound of the whispering sea in the morning,
I felt like a child, and my womb was your song.
And we held hands,
I miss those hands,
For as we held each other’s sweaty fingers,
I forgot the world,
Time does not exist,
There was only you, and me
And the touches of your skin, making my heartbeat go faster or maybe slower
And hoping somehow, our pulse beats the same.
That faint smell of cigarettes left in my palm,
That faint aroma of mixed nicotine and perfume,
It felt very special, like I was, in that very moment, a part of you.
And as I grab your waist,
Your hips,
I wanted it to last forever,
To put it in a bottle and keep it safe in my heart endlessly
Everything in that jiff, your lips, your eyes, your cheeks
And even the slightest tangle of your hair,
I think it was perfect.
And I’m sorry,
Sorry for staring at you for so long,
Sorry for making it all awkward,
Sorry for those times I couldn’t say a single word,
And wishing that time would stop,
Sorry for being too attached,
Sorry for caring so much,
Sorry for holding your hands, your waist, and falling deeper,
Sorry for my longing to kiss you
Sorry for liking you too much.
For all I can do is to stay here and enjoy this very moment,
To make the best out of my every borrowed second.
If my life would be too short, I want it to end happily,
Deeply, falling for you.

written by walasiteodito on 2012-05-18


  1. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    credits to @grazie for the photo.

  2. grazie
    grazie ·

    ooh nice for using this photo of mine and @suizidekid :)

  3. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    oh so it should be, credits to @grazie X @suizidekid :)

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  5. boobert
    boobert ·

    great stuff @walasiteodito!

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  7. jamiew
    jamiew ·

    I really love the poem. The narrator is incredibly conscious of his feelings. I’m pleasantly surprised by the fact that the photographers of this sight are not limited by one genre. Thank you for sharing!!!!
    P.S. The photo attached works very well. Because the girl in the shot is only identified by gender, making any guy think that could be his girl, and making any girl want to be her.

  8. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    @jamiew wow thanks! :)