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PinHolo - The story of how I made a Pine-Nut Pinhole Camera!

When I was a student at the Fine Arts Academy in Perugia, I fell in love with stenopeic photography and started gathering every kind of document I could about it and its technical evolution. I asked for some information from my photography teacher, Antonio Todini - He suggested that I search "Pinhole Photography" on the internet and as a way of remembering things said: “Pinhole, it sounds like pinolo (pine nut, in Italian), but with the 'H' after the 'N' and the final 'E'”. Since that moment the little nut planted itself in my mind and grew in the form of a challenge to make my very own pine nut pinhole camera!

Some Tips on Taking Street Snap Shots

For years, I have gone from here to there on foot, with a camera on my hand, collecting stories of everyday happenstance. Here are some lessons the streets have taught me.

A Different Type of Nightshots

This tipster is about a technique which I call "High Quantity Multi Exposure" or short HQME. I assume that people have already done something like that before me but I couldn't find any information about it.

Create Your Own Spinning Planet

Ever thought of living in your own planet? It is now easier to have your own planet with the Lomography Spinner 360º and a little bit of photoshop tricks.


They say one could never take a bad photograph when in Melbourne, Australia. I can't agree more and with a panoramic Lomo camera like Horizon, it makes your captured images of Melbourne even more endearing and memorable.

2010-09-11Sep 360Spinsky - LuckySHD100  28Sep-10Oct

Night Photography: A Personal Point of View

There are many ways to enjoy the night, but for me the best way to remember a night is not the hangover the next day. Here's a guide or group of tips for night photography.

Classics Meet the Classics

Warning: this film will make you photography addicted right from the first roll!

Strong gay cow boy or brokeback mountain
Perspective # 1
lca & dm slide 100

How to Perfect the Skill of Not Thinking while Taking Pictures.

We all know the Lomography rule: Don't think! I found a way to switch off the brain completely. It's very easy! All you have to do is drink, drink, drink and drink some more. These are my experiences with shit-faced-photography. Cheers!


Tipster of the Week: Long and Winding Film

What is it this time? Just had and bad day? Then why not pick up your camera and a couple of rolls now because you will definitely have a good time and will be feeling alright just by doing this simple and very fun Tipster! Yay!

Tipster of the Week: Fiber Optics Are Good for Your Health

The process of making Lomographs is just like painting itself. We choose what to shoot with our cameras, as well as the painter decides on what scene he'll make with his brush. Both Lomographer and painter are two artists that are aiming for one similar thing - to make beautiful pictures. And for this week, see how our Tipster chose to paint with light, literally.

Tochka Shooting with the Diana F+ and Instant Back

Nagata Takeshi and Monno Kazue - the creative forces behind the PikaPika project and they are here to share their thoughts about the art of light painting and its future with us!

My city