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Faking Your Portrait's Background

Want a picturesque background for your portrait but you're stuck at home? All you need is a fast lens and a nice printer!

Bottle Cap Camera Tripod

Yes, we know that tripods are cumbersome, but they are a necessary evil. Make things easier and simpler with this little DIY hack!

DIY Glowing Lomo Houses

For the next party that you're hosting, jazz up your table accents with these DIY glowing Lomo houses!

Making Your Own DIY Snow Globe

Do you want to build a snow man? That's quite hard, as the weather is a bit on the rough side. Let's try a snow globe instead!

Ice speed

DIY Film Canister Diorama

Add a little more art to your life with this nifty idea for a diorama using a film canister and photographic gels!

Archiving of Your Negatives, Photos and Files on Your Computer

I started arranging my negatives early and transferred it with the same numbering on the computer so I can find my negatives easier. It's a cool and convenient especially whenever I need to look for something in my files.

Turn Your Satchel into a DIY Camera Bag

Have a satchel that you want to convert into a stealthy but equally fashionable camera bag? Here's how!

A rock to stand on.
A rock to stand on.
A rock to stand on.
A rock to stand on.

DIY Film Bow

Want to look a little bit more dapper this Christmas? Fashion a DIY film bow to complete that dashing and debonair look!

Taking Back Tipsters: In Stereo!

Fancy making three-dimensional images and adding a bit more detph in your photos? Stereo is the way to go! If you want to dabble in 3D, make sure to catch the Tipsters after the jump!

Making the El Bokeh Wall

Love bokeh on your photos? Check out this quick and dirty Tipster on how to add more specular highlights to your bokeh photos!

Vintage Camera Case Upcycled to a Unique Shoulder Bag

Breath new life to one of your old and unused camera cases. Make it into a unique camera bag that's fit for the catwalk!

DIY Photo Clipboards

Looking for a new and exciting way to display your favorite Lomographs? How about a DIY clipboard?