sweet serenity

My parents were born from two different places. In fact, Father was born on the far west and Mother was the opposite. I was born from Mother’s side. Every year, we would whenever theres a long holiday we would always go back to either Father’s or Mother’s. Going to father’s place was easy but Mother’s, well… we travel by plane. I was lucky enough to experience different from both of my parent’s sides. Father’s birthplace is more like countryside, there used to be a long stretch of paddy fields and kids would run around in boxer, and the girls would play with whatever they can find. As a child once, I would always climb trees and carved names on it, and we would scavenge for money in the couch (there’s always pennies) and go buy junk foods at a nearby store.

크레딧: voyageofayoungwoman

Whenever there is a shortage of water we would go to the nearby well and each of us would have to fling bucket of water and pull them together because it was that heavy, and splash ourselves with water that pierce through your skin like an ice cold knife. Father liked that, he said it reminded him of his old days. Whenever there is a shortage of electricity, creatively we stored a really heavy iron-cast iron that we would light up coals and put it in the iron to make it hot.

크레딧: voyageofayoungwoman

The best thing about everything was the togetherness. Everyone from Father’s side would sacrifice their time escaping the fast-paced life and replace it with the subtle, calm and serenity in the countryside. We would gather at the front porch and eat fruits (durians, mangosteens, mangos, rambutans and guavas) and talked. Mostly was just about their next door neighbour.

So I’m taking a breather and I decide to learn more about my own origins rather than travel far beyond the ocean in search of myself and stay put in front of Grandmother’s porch.

written by voyageofayoungwoman on 2012-10-24