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  • Ihagee Exa 1a, A Magic "DDR" Camera

    Ihagee Exa 1a, A Magic
    The former "DDR" or "GDR" (German Democratic Republic, that means East Germany from 1949 to 1990) had a very important camera industry and produced some really great cameras; One of those is the Ihagee Exa 1a, a beautiful bulky SLR with top viewfinder. Let me introduce this little gem! :)
  • Pontiac Bloc Metal 41: The Irrestible Charm Of A Folding Camera

    Pontiac Bloc Metal 41: The Irrestible Charm Of A Folding Camera
    For my last birthday, my sister gave me a wonderful present: a Pontiac bloc metal 41, an old folding camera she found on a flea market. She immediately thought that it could be a great camera to add to my collection, as I didn't have any folding one at this time.
  • Walking along the Var river, France

    Walking along the Var river, France
    Who doesn't like walking along a river? It's so peaceful and quiet to see the water, to hear the endless water stream going along his way to the sea... A river is always a place where you can think about a lot of tings, when you're alone or with the one you love, or your friends or anybody else. It can be a river in the city, opening a magic view to a far horizon, or it can be in the forest, in a wide open space... whatever, a river is always magic.
  • Winter in the bavarian forest, Cham

    Winter in the bavarian forest, Cham
    When the winter and Christmas time comes, you can't imagine it without snow. There's a beautiful place to go in Germany/Bavaria, during winter time: the Bavarian forest ("Bayrischer Wald" and of course it's also a great place during summertime for other activities, see my previous location http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/locations/2008/08/01/hang-gliding-at-the-bchelstein)
  • Doubles With You - Vicuna + mephisto19

    Doubles With You -  Vicuna + mephisto19
    In this weeks "Doubles With You" we feature two of the most active members of the Lomographic community - "Vicuna":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/vicuna/ and "mephisto19":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/mephisto19 and show you the best of their many collaborations. For those of you that missed us last week, "Doubles With You" is our new weekly feature where we showcase the best of doubles collaborations of the past week.
  • Porst x-chrome (35mm, 200 iso) user-review

    Porst x-chrome (35mm, 200 iso) user-review
    Porst Photo is one of the main photographic retailer in Germany and they also sell their own name-brand films. There I've found a cheap slide film called "x-chrome 200" and decided to buy some rolls of this unknown film.
  • Tollwood Winterfestival

    Tollwood Winterfestival
    As everywhere in Germany, the December is the great period of the Christmas markets, with various names (Weinachtsmarkt, Christkindlmarkt, etc...) to enjoy this cold period of the year with a lot of lights everywhere, boutiques and many occasions to drink some hot beverages like the Glühwein, Punsch or Feuerzangenbowle....
  • Koussiri, an African village

    Koussiri, an African village
    During my stay in Burkina Faso, I had the chance to visit a little village near of Nouna called Koussiri. This village is interesting because there's running a global humanitarian project. This project is global as there are 2 important projects in one, concerning 2 main aspects of the humanitarian help for the villages in Africa: water and school.
  • Fuji Press (35mm, 800 iso) user-review

    Fuji Press (35mm, 800 iso) user-review
    A day with Fuji Press 800: All began with the Krab.... As I wanted to shoot underwater with my LCA+, I bought a Krab and needed a high speed film for the shots and as the LCA+ can't have a flash with the Krab housing, I was searching for an 800 ASA film. I saw on the Lomo shop this 800 Fuji Press but didn't ever heard of this film before, so I bought a pack of 5.
  • "Le Touba" Nouna, Burkina Faso

    Nouna is a very small town in western Burkina Faso, and I was wondering what kind of lodging I could find there.
  • A Horizon & Lomography Redscale Combo

    A Horizon & Lomography Redscale Combo
    As soon as I discovered the Lomography redscale film I was very enthusiastic about the the pictures this film could produce and I tested it with different cameras. And I soon discovered that the best results with amazing pictures were produced when I used them with the Horizon camera.
  • Missionary Center "Les Lauriers" in Ouagadougou

    Missionary Center
    When you arrive in an unknown country and don't want to spend a lot of many in any crappy Hotel, the best solution is always to have a look at the missionary centers of any catholic religious order. they have often a few rooms to let, and you can be very confident about what you get for a very low price.
  • Ouagadougou, an african big city

    Ouagadougou, an african big city
    The first place where I landed when I arrived in Burkina Faso was Ouagadougou, the capital city and only international airport. As soon as I came out of the airport, I was immediately impressed by what i saw: it's the experience of an african city of over 1 million people.... and that's something to live and to see!
  • "A Wide Angle Power Team"

    This team uses a few "wide angle" accessories: First, take your LCA+ and put the wide angle lens on it. Then take your ringflash to have a widespread light with colorfilters and finally add to this combo the wide angle slave flash for an additional "wide power" light in your shots!
  • Market of Markoye

    Market of Markoye
    Markoye is one of the last cities in the north of Burkina Faso just before the border of Mali. It's a little city but is famous for his very big market, with a lot of people coming from Burkina and Mali to exchange their goods at this place.
  • The archeological site of Oursi Hu-Beero

    The archeological site of Oursi Hu-Beero
    The archeological site of Oursi Hu-Beero is perhaps one of the oldest medieval sites that had been found in west Africa. This exceptional site is dated from around the 10-11th century and reveals some exceptional traces form african medieval life, at the sahelian border of Burkina Faso, near of Mali and Niger.
  • Travelling by bus in Burkina Faso

    Travelling by bus in Burkina Faso
    During my travel to Burkina Faso, I stayed very few time in Ouagadougou, because the main destination was Nouna, in the west part of the country. The only way to go there is with a 4x4 or the regular bus line of "Liza Transport International". As I had no 4x4, I chose Liza.... what a travel!
  • 7 mosques of Bani

    7 mosques of Bani
    The 7 mosques of Bani are one of the most important religious and cultural places of Burkina Faso and Sahel area. Bani is a little city (4000 people are living there)in the north part of the country and is famous for this amazing architectural construction of 7 mosques.
  • Sand dunes of Oursi

    Sand dunes of Oursi
    I went to the Touareg area of Oursi (north of Burkina Faso) to discover the desert, at the limit of the Sahel and Sahara desert, where the trees and bushes disappear, replaced by the sand...
  • Holga 120 SF: The Original Holga Love

    Holga 120 SF: The Original Holga Love
    The Holga 120SF is my very first Lomographic camera (I bought it 2004) and I immediately felt in love with it, and thus, with the whole Lomographic spirit later on. Sure, Holga is well known by all lomographers, but what makes the Holga 120 SF so special?