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Salt 'n' Soak

An easy experiment that will add a little salt to your images but won't leave a bad taste in your mouth!

A Film Soup

This psychedelic effect came from a unique concoction that is within reach at your mum's hearty kitchen!

Photokina 2010

Film Cocktail Overdoze

No matter how bad you treat your film it will always survive!

Reversed Redscale Doubles

What happens when you shoot a roll of Redscale and then flip it to the normal side for your doubles? Coolness happens...

Tin-tin Tricks for Fragile Accessories

Protect your Diana frame masks, Splitzer, or any fragile accessories in a very safe but still fashionably vintage looking kit!

Doubles with the Stars

Ever dreamed of doing doubles with your favourite bands or singers?


You have been warned – but we’re sure the Lab Rat in you won’t mind at all. Manipulating instant photos isn’t limited to drawing mustaches and horns with your markers – a little cutting and spraying will also give you jawdropping effects!

Tipster of the Week: Filtered Sequences

With analogue photography, many fun things can be done: cross processing, multiple exposures, etc. and this is why we adore it! How about putting textures on your Lomographs with the aid of a digital software? An analogue heresy? Not really, and our Tipster here will reveal that these two unlikely things could work together!

Holiday Photo Postcards

This festive season, why not try sending out greeting cards that you can print with your own Lomographic photos?

Roast Your Film

A tip on how to accelerate film expiration (because you love expired film but just couldn't wait)!

Do the Diana Splitztant!

Create unpredictable and fun Diana Splitztants with the winning trio of Diana F+ camera, Diana Instant Back+, and the Diana Splitzer!

Shoot the Stars with Diana+

Diana+ as an astronomy tool.

Tipster of the Week: I Want to Be A LomoStar!

Have you ever seen sun looking like big shiny star? No? Ever been on a scenario where the night sky becomes overcast just when you've planned on learning the zodiac constellations, yeah? Frustrating isn't it? Well for this week, we got something very special that will certainly have you catching and shooting stars in no time!

The Film Retriever!

Lost the end of your film, want to do double exposures, no specialist tools in sight?? No problem!

How to Organize the Analogue Mess

It was really hard to find the way to organize my negative's mess, but one day I decided to straighten up my negatives, cd's and contact sheets. It was not an easy work, but it deserve it when you want to scan an old pic, check what film you used in that picture you like or just have organized the safest back up ever: the negatives.


Fisheye the sky to make a moon in the day or night. I don’t think I invented this, I think my lomofriends did, either way, it's something I enjoyed doing and you should too.

Tipster of the Week: Melt That Plastic in Your Camera!

How to make beautiful borders for your Diana pictures with just a few pices of plastic, tape, and a lighter!

Quickie Tipster: Flip It. Flip It Good!

When boredom comes along, you must Flip It. Your camera, I mean! The results: lovely reflection-like images that look like a parallel universe.

Quickie Tipster: Redscale that Instant!

A very easy tipster on how to get instant redscales. I've wanted to try this out for quite a while and some weeks ago I finally bought the piece of red foil necessary for the realisation of my idea!