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A Guide for Newbie Shooters Who Want to Become LomoStars!

Sometimes, when browsing through all the Lomohomes, I see some Newbies who don't have any pictures uploaded yet. They complain that they do not have enough experience or money to choose a Lomo cam, sometimes even upload digital pictures. But it could be that easy to start immediately! Here's a quick guide for new people for the first steps into the world of anaolgue photography.

Uh oh... What Film Did I Load In This Camera? Let the Ribbons Do the Talking

When you have a whole load of cameras, you may tend to “feed” it with film on impulse. Not all the frames of the film will be used up when you have various cameras in your arsenal and as you shoot with various cameras over a certain amount of time, you may lose track as to which camera is loaded with which type of film.

Start Your Own Camera Mail!

Camera Mail is an interesting project that you can do! The idea is to mail a camera to different parts of the world and have people take pictures of themselves. Read on for the instructions on how you can start your own Camera Mail project.

Papudo Lovers <3

Multiple Exposures for Beginners

New to Lomography? Have you been wondering how other people have been able to blend pictures together? You have come to the right place. With the technique of multiple exposure, you will find yourself achieving works of art that digital photography cannot compete with!

My Street Shooting Tips

Although I am not particularly good at street photography, I would like to share some tips that had worked for me. I hope that my tips will be of use to you. Do drop me a note if they work!

A Girlie Guide to Film Archiving

Are your desk drawers overflowing with billions of unmarked envelopes of negatives? Well if you love Post-Its, Sharpies, tape and scissors, here’s a cool, and SUPER organized way to store your negatives!

How to Stay Inspired in Film Photography

Going to the same locations and doing the same things when shooting can sometimes be a drag. When you don’t have inspiration when shooting, your pictures don’t turn out as well. Here are some tips you may want to consider to stay inspired in film photography.

Analogue Arrangement: How I Save My Negatives

After shooting 10 rolls worth of pictures, I discovered that it's not that practical to have all those plastic sheets with negatives lounging around. I wanted to scan some negatives again and had to fight myself through a jungle of images to find out which group they were in. And it's always the one you check last...

Tips for Autumn Photos!

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to take some photos. During this time, you can capture wonderful colors and the true beauty of nature. Here are some tips to get you started!

DIY Colour Filters

Want to give your photos a twist of colour? Follow this tipster and have yourself a set of filters to use in no time!