Going Against The Grain Part 2


I previously wrote a blog entry about a competition I enter on an online forum. It’s all for fun and nothing serious and you can read all about it here: http://www.lomography.com/homes/veato/blog/2753-going-against-the-grain.

I had the idea (as I previously entered only digital photos) of entering an analogue photo in the Lomographic style. I used my Diana Mini which meant the resulting photo was lo-fi, NOT pin sharp, had some vignetting, etc which fit the descriptors perfectly.

I wanted to see if the lo-fi image I entered would stand a chance against the digital entries. Of course you could argue if the photo had not been voted for it could be that the voters simply did not like the image I produced – not in fact whether this was analogue or digital. This would be hard to prove but on past entries I’ve always had a fair few votes and come in the top 3 or 4 each time.

The voting is soon to close and looking at the forum most votes have been cast. Over the last few days my photo has been voted for this many times….


Coincidence? Maybe. But today I see that someone has actually now voted for my photo. How strange though that this person owns/uses a Lomography Sprocket Rocket!!

I’ll leave it to others to make their mind up but I genuinely believe the perceived low quality of my photo (even though it matches the theme of the competition) has resulted in it getting few votes. I believe that had the photo been identical but digital it would have faired better. The fact that the only person who voted for my photo is a self-confessed Sprocket Rocket owner for me speaks volumes.


written by veato on 2011-04-04


  1. orangeuke
    orangeuke ·

    Im liking this so i can come back and read it later

  2. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    While I couldnt access the forum to see the other pictures, I think you should stop calling yourself out as a victim of digital bias.

    I good picture is a good good picture regardless of the type of camera used to take it, and I doubt anyone reading the forum would consider whether the image was digital or analogue as a basis of whether to vote for it.

    A good photo evokes an emotional reaction by the viewer. If yours didnt, you should just admit that it just wasnt what people were looking for.

    While I did like the high contrast tones of cross processing, I have to admit the image itself was nothing special. If you really want to impress your digital friends you should push your Diana Mini further and focus on its strength's rather than weaknesses....like how you can take multiple exposures and overlapping images by not winding the film on all the way.

    The beauty of Lomo Cameras are if used creatively they can create an image that is eye-catching in a unique way and will make digital camera owners go "Wow, how did you create that?"

    I get this feeling every day and are totally inspired by looking at the shots posted by users on the Lomography Website.

    View...learn....be inspired...shoot :)
    Sorry to be harsh, but that's just how I feel.

  3. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    ....Stop worrying about the haters. To some people no matter how hard you try to explain they won't understand so there's no point wasting your breath trying to convince them.

    Just focus your analogue energies towards Lomography.com instead, where you'll always have friends and always be welcome.

  4. veato
    veato ·

    Did you not read the blog? I am (for the most part) a digital photographer - in regards to this competition. This was an experiment. The image wasn't cross-processed either, I'm not sure where you got that info from.

  5. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    Yes I did read the blog, your post about Lomography Attacked at X404.co.uk, your original blog entry, and looked at your previous digital entries. I couldnt read the forum because the link is broken in your article.

    Personally I think your shot with the Diana Mini made the image more interesting than if it had been shot on digital because it has more contrast and deeper reds (sorry for getting confused about it being x-pro'd but the high contrast had me fooled). If it was a digital image i would've have looked twice passing it off merely as a family snapshot. But with all the extra love the Diana Mini gaves it...it's still a fairly ordinary family snapshot and not as good as the other digital images you've entered in the past.

    It's definitely also true that Lomographers have a habit of supporting each other.

    Because toy cameras are limited in their abilities and can produce "perceived" lower image quality...especially when digital photography is so much about perfection, that's why you need to think differently and use them for their unique strengths.

    ...a point which you made yourself in your article on X404, and I totally agree with.

    I post most of my pictures to flickr and since I started using analogue cameras I'm not getting way more posts and likes than I ever did with my DSLR!