Accidental Ghost Hunting

Credits: veato

Over the winter we had some snow in the UK and on a bright Sunday morning I thought the combination of the weather, the graveyard and a roll of B&W film in my Vivi could make an interesting combination.

I loaded the film, popped the baby in her pushchair wrapping her up nice and warm and went for a walk.

This was in fact my first experience with B&W film and although I had some Fuji Neopan in the fridge too I opted to go with a roll of Kodak T-Max 400.

I had a nice time on the walk, enjoying the fresh air and crunchy snow underfoot and spent a good amount of time looking for interesting shots amongst the ornate gravestones and rows of aged headstones. It wasn’t macabre or spooky at all and was a serene and relaxing experience.

Arriving home I packed up the film and sent it off to lab expecting the results back within a couple of weeks.

Time passed and the photos came back. I loved the results as each photo came back (in Lomo terms) nicely exposed and without noticable problems. The T-Max it seemed was a revelation.

Strangely though there was one photo in the set that looked different to the others. It looked like I’d captured some kind of ghostly figure maybe even a little angelic in shape. Now I’m not one to believe in such things but as the rest of the photos turned out fine and ruling out lens flare (the sun is in the wrong position for flare) it did get me wondering. Have a look and see what you think!

Credits: veato

The most logical explanation is that the Angel/Ghost figure is my exhaled breath. I’ll leave it to others to decide though and simply enjoy my happy accident.

written by veato on 2011-03-18

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  1. permafrost
    permafrost ·

    Wow, the first picture is amazing! Incredible contrast!
    That would be a pretty large ghost ;)