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Juice Box Camera

Don't be fooled with what you see because this Juice box camera does not carry juice inside. Once you opened this camera, it contains film and takes great pictures!

Trocando de Filmes Enquanto Se Está Fotografando: Com a Diana Baby 110, Você Pode!

Sim, você pode! Você pode ir de Orca a Tiger com somente um movimento leve. Sem necessidade de rebobinar nem de enrolar! Leia mais para descobrir como.

Fisheye Submarine Case: The Perfect Accessory for Summer!

How to exploit a funny and easy camera and make it your favourite analogue companion for the summer!

Blueskyandhardrock Meets with SLAC

How to Fill Full Color in your Lovely Pop9!

Hello!! Everybody ... I have some techniques that's Interesting and exciting about the Pop 9. It not only works with Pop 9, other Multi-Lens camera works as well!

101 Ways to Take a Self-Portrait!

There are lots of self-portrait shooting methods, and in my article I will tell you about some of them.

A New Experience with Qrro's LomoDiary

We take our film cameras with us mainly because we want to freeze memories and develop them into pictures. That's normal and done especially with the mundane activities we have in life.

LomoGuru of the Week: Antibiotyx

People travel to see the world and experience various cultures. They explore corners, meet different people, and see several sites that may or may not attract them.

New Look for your Holga!

Somehow I wanted to redesign another camera, after I had redesigned a few La Sardinas. I wanted to give another camera a new look. My choice fell on my Woca 120 GF, it's identical to the Holga 120 GFN.

How a CD Shelf Turns into a Camera Shelf

Because I own tiny, old cameras from flea markets or from the 'Bucht', I wanted to present them for visitors and didn't want that they go to seed in a closet.

Simple Lanyard for your La Sardina, Fisheye, Holga and Sprocket Rocket

I like to wear my cameras around my neck and after a good deal of thought I cam to the idea how I could make a lanyard for my light camera babies.

Aguantando a respiración baixo o Río Elba

Filter Holder + Filter for the La Sardina

I bought a filter set with lots of different colors a time ago. Mainly for a flash and the gray for a neutral density filter. But now I use a couple of different colors to hold in front of the lens.

Ghetto Scanning
Holga mess

Ghetto Scan Those 35mm Negatives with A Window!

Do you have a window? Some Tape? and a digital camera? Then you can ghetto scan those 35mm negatives!

Digitalize seus negativos de maneira ghetto usando a Lomography DigitaLIZA and a digital camera

Quer escanear seus negativos de maneira barata? É fácil escanear suas fotos quando você apoia seus negativos na janela, bate uma foto deles com sua câmera digital e converte eles à fotos positivas no seu computador. Descubra como.

An ex-president tree house
Work vs. Rio
Lomography Caterpillar in Barcelona