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Lomography Community Cup: The Final Stage

Football is a big deal these days and fans all around the world are rooting for their favorite teams. To join in on the fun, we are having a football-driven last leg of the Lomography Community Cup. Will your team make it straight to the championship match? Let's all cheer for them in this last leg of our exhilarating challenge!

Dreamscapes: Surreal Landscape Photography by Reuben Wu

Seeing the world is something that we always hear people talking about when it comes to their wish lists. The wonderful sights are just waiting and Reuben Wu has been to some of the most gorgeous looking places in the world. It’s a good thing he has his cameras to share the sights with us.

A Quick Chat With Dreamscape Photographer and Ladytron's Reuben Wu

When he's not creating mixes for his band Ladytron, Reuben Wu experiments with different films and cameras to create stunning dreamscapes out of natural scenery. Read on and learn more about him and his artistic process after the jump.

Belair x 6-12 35mm Back
Belair x 6-12 35mm Back
Belair x 6-12 35mm Back
Sprocket Rocket + Kodak Gold (expired)

Lomopedia: Olympus Pen F

Another landmark camera designed by the esteemed Maitani Yoshihisa, the fascinating Olympus Pen F was a half-frame SLR camera introduced in the early 1960s. Yes, you're reading it right! Find out more about this interesting half-frame snapper in this installment of Lomopedia!

Show Lomography and GAMAGO how you're renovating this Spring!

Roll into spring with Lomography and Gamago!

"This was our ambition": Anthem of Slone, CANTO 116

Lomography x TV Mania: Beautiful Clothes Competition!

We're excited to partner with TV Mania's Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo, both of the famed band Duran Duran, to celebrate their first record! Check out more information after the jump to see how your fashion-themed photos could win you some sweet prizes and tunes!

Introducing LomoChrome Purple - A Color Negative Film That Yields Infrared Results!

Ready for the latest Lomographic Film sensation? We have some fantastic news for you! We're excited to introduce you to our latest emulsion - LomoChrome Purple. It's an awesome color negative film which gives naturally infrared results! Limited stock is available for pre-order, in 35mm and 120 formats. Delivery is guaranteed in July 2013 for most countries.

PYHOF: Girls on Film by Duran Duran

It's New Romantic Friday! Time to tease your hair, put on your shoulder pads and pat on heavy makeup - today let's revisit the '80s for Duran Duran!

Lomography Proudly Presents the Tori Amos Inspiration Competition

Lomography has partnered with world renowned song siren, Tori Amos, to bring you the iconic TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ and an amazing competition that will inspire Lomographers in every corner of the globe!

1922 Kodak Kodachrome Film Test

You've seen how Kodak makes its medium format film in the 1950's. Now, it's time for you to watch Kodak's dreamy 1922 test film, shot using the legendary Kodachrome!

Room divider!

What to do with the empty film canisters? Look what a splendid idea RePlayGround had: a room divider!

Quickie Tipster : Silhouettes for your Double!

This tipster is simple and most probably written before but just want to share with some of you guys who left me a message about how i go about using the silhouettes for my double exposures.

Visit from Elsewhere: light flashes and color spots

Have you ever had a film already exposed, even before you have loaded it into your camera? If not, you absolutely have to try this once, the effects are unique and very unpredictable.

Learn bokeh with Bibio

British musician Bibio is famous for his kaleidoscopic sounds, and his love of bokeh. In fact his latest album is called Mind Bokeh. But what the hell does bokeh mean? Here are Bibio's tips on how to get the best bokeh from your Diana F+ and close-up lens.

The Creative Diarist: Emulsion Transfer Tipster

Do you have tons of Lomographs and a boring home? Are you looking for alternative ways to print? Helen from top blog The Creative Diarist shares her tips on how to print onto ceramic, wood, teacups, your wall....