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Shooting on the Bright Side of Gloomy Days

Would you believe that gloomy days are great days to go out and shoot? Experience tells us that sunny days are the absolute best times to go out and take pictures, but overcast conditions have their own benefits when it comes to shooting as well. Here are some tips and suggestions on making the most of those grey days.

MX With My Beloved Instax

Sometimes, instant gratification just trumps everything else. But instant photos are normally limited in terms of creativity, since their primary function lies in a one-dimensional plane. I discovered how to up the ante with my Fuji Instax Minii 7s, and mix things up with our favorite technique -- Multiple Exposures!

Take Advantage of the Golden Hour!

The golden hour is the hour after the sunrise and the hour before the sunset. Many photographers take advantage of this magical hour for the magnificent lighting that it casts over the horizon. Learn how to take advantage of the golden hour!

Flipping Amazing - Lens Flipping for Beginners

A happy accident while cleaning my lens produced some great results on my Seagull 4a.

8 Easy but Awesome Beginner Tips

Anyone who has spent enough time in the Lomo Society will have a faint idea of some popular tricks people like to do which give you great results! So this Tipster is for all the Lomo-Beginners out there! (Not saying that I am in any way an expert on these! I just happened to see other people doing them and felt like spreading the idea for the newbies!)

Multiples in Downtown Los Angeles

I live about an hour away from LA. I recently visited and since I am still very new to Lomography, it was a day of firsts. It was the first time I visited LA since I bought my LC-A+ and, more importantly, it was the first time I ever attempted to shot multiple exposures. LA was an absolutely amazing place for me to do this. :)

Sixteen Times the Fun

We all know that the Lomography Supersampler is four times the fun compared to a regular plastic camera. But what if we do doubles with it, and use two masks? 4 lenses x 2 exposures x 2 masks = 16 times the fun!

Multiple Exposure : Choose Your Subjects!

Multiple exposure is a photographic technique by exposing your film to different subjects. This technique will produce unique and unimaginable image to your photos. In fact, this method is experimental and will enable you to express your photos in a creative way. This article will guide you on proper subject to be choose for multiple exposure

Lomo Neck Strap Attachment for Street Photography

Velcro and a drop of super glue do the trick!

Sunny afternoon in Verona
Sunny afternoon in Verona
Sunny afternoon in Verona

How's Life in Paradise?

Since I arrived in French Polynesia in July 2009, perhaps it's the most frequent question I heard from my family, friends, and people I left in Europe. How do I answer this question precisely and honestly? I will try to do this now...

A fish on the bike!!!
Sunday bicycle walk
Sunday bicycle walk
Please Save Our Third Whirled Nation
She is My City
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Yashica FX-3
LubitelLover on the road
LubitelLover on the road
LubitelLover on the road