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Camera Shy - Doubles with kekskonstrukt #1 (Panoramic Version)

Make your subjects transparent: How to create Ghost Shots (GS)

Have you already seen a mysterious looking photo that features a transparent subject? Well, it's one of the multiple exposure techniques and is actually simple to do.

Converting Medium Format Instant Pack Film Back Into Wet Plate

Want to delve into the awesome world of wet plate collodion but don't have a camera for it yet? If you have a medium format camera with an instant back, then that's all you need!

10 Techniques Every Lomographer Should Try With the Lomo LC-Wide

Do you think you've tried everything with your Lomo LC-Wide? Well, we have a checklist for you after the jump, so read on to see if you've experienced all the wonders the Lomo LC-Wide is capable of!

Golden Spring

DIY Montessori Sound Boxes for Your Kids!

Giving your kids educational toys to play with need not be an expensive endeavor. For instance, you can use old film canisters as DIY Montessori Sound Boxes!

Lomopedia: Olympus Trip 35

Regarded by many camera experts and enthusiasts as the 35mm version of the equally popular Olympus Pen camera, the Olympus Trip 35 remains a collectible and iconic compact camera for the high quality photos that it can take. Find out more about this analogue favorite in this installment of Lomopedia!

Konstruktor test roll
Photo Re-creation

3D Pinhole Fun! - Making the Stereoscopic Film Box Pinhole Camera

After a brief hiatus, I'm back with yet another pinhole tutorial. This time I'll show you how I created my first stereoscopic (that's 3D to most people) pinhole camera. Read how after the jump!

Let's Set Our Pictures in Motion

Tired of the same old story? Static pictures, motionless? This is the tip for you: find out how to add motion to your pictures.

Belair & Fuji Sensia
Belair & Fuji Sensia
Belair & Fuji Sensia
Belair & Fuji Sensia
Belair & Fuji Sensia
Mads Det er mit navn

Motion Picture Pioneer: Eadweard Muybridge and the Zoopraxiscope

In honor of the latest analogue wonder to join the fantastic Lomography lineup, the Lomokino, we pay tribute to Eadweard Muybridge, a very important figure in the history of cinema.

Panoramic Hippies...
Panoramic Hippies...
Panoramic Hippies...
Panoramic Hippies...