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As some of you know, I've sent the last year building a full black and white darkroom. It has been a journey that required a huge amount of work, focus and dedication to the tasks at hand. I have had to stop going online to keep to my schedule, but my gallery opens June 22, 2013. I miss all of your great homes and will be catching up soon.

Oh, but the work. I started in April 2012. I renovated a building that had never been finished, so first up was cleaning out a total of 23 bags of garbage, many stuffed with filthy, mouse infested pink insulation. 17 of the bags were subsequently gutted by a bear while they waited for transport to the dump and had to be restuffed, still icky.

Next up came framing, plumbing, electrical, plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, sanding, painting, sanding, painting. My buddy @rcwaters and I did all of the work except for the plumbing and electrical.

On New Year’s Eve, I turned pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly and turned out the lights to develop my first roll of film in my new darkroom.

Since then, I have been working rather frantically to get enough pictures printed and framed to open the gallery to the public. That time is finally here and I open my doors a noon tomorrow. I am proud of what I have accomplished on this journey.

written by troch


  1. herbert-4


    Wonderful!! (Had a thought, seeing the Belair... Belairgon lenses' image circle covers 4x5 easily. Make a box camera with 3" Packard #6 shutter behind lens and set infinity focal distance with a piece of ground glass then scale focus with helix. Ambrotypes on glass!! Totally 1855!!)

    10 months ago · report as spam
  2. ricoinbrooklyn


    Congratulations! The darkroom and gallery look great!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  3. tonantzin


    Wooow that's amazing!! Congratulations!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  4. grazie


    Congratulations!!! hope to see you and your gallery in the future.

    10 months ago · report as spam
  5. grazie


    and great that you documented with analogue :)

    10 months ago · report as spam
  6. buckshot


    Coming along very nicely - way to go, troch!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  7. jean_louis_pujol


    what an achievement this is ! you're fantastic! congratulations really!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  8. atria007


    congratulation!!! =D

    10 months ago · report as spam
  9. laurasulilly


    What a dream come true. I would love to have such a nice lab space. Congrats!!!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  10. clickiemcpete


    So cool! Congratulations Troch and glad to see you back. :)

    10 months ago · report as spam
  11. neanderthalis


    I am happy that all your patience and hard work paid off. Hope your show is a success as well!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  12. deff1


    Congratulations! Your dark room looks fantastic. :)

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  13. alex34


    Well done!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  14. bravopires


    Great Work!!!!!!

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  15. zanardi


    Congratulations! A dream comes true!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  16. emperornorton


    N V

    10 months ago · report as spam
  17. sonjay


    Amazing, congratulations! I wish to do that someday as well.
    10 months ago · report as spam
  18. troch


    So many thanks to all of you, especially @sonjay, @emperornorton, @zanardi, @bravopires, @alex34, @deff1, @neanderthalis, @clickiemcpete, @laurasulilly, @jean_louis_pujol, @atria007, @buckshot, @grazie, @tonantzin, @ricoinbrooklyn and @herbert4. It has truly been a LABOUR of love, but now the real experimenting can start. Traffic through the gallery has been very slow, as expected when you open a gallery on the outskirts of nowhere, but I remain hopeful of the captive audience awaiting the ferry.

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  19. emperornorton


    It's a far braver thing than anything I have done -- I'm struggling to get myself to set up a Zazzle store!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  20. mochilis


    Wow!!! Great job and beautifullt documented! I wish you all the best in this adventure! The finished gallery looks nice and cozy... I wish I could see it in person!

    9 months ago · report as spam
  21. troch


    @emperornorton, I'm not sure if it is brave or crazy, I have been accused of both over the years, but it is the fulfillment of both a promise and a dream.

    9 months ago · report as spam
  22. emperornorton


    @troch Well, it is crazy if you have to take mood stabilizers.... ;)

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