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Back To Basics: Filters Part II

Many cameras have a screw thread on the front of the lens. There are a few uses for this, but the most common is filters. Find out how to enhance your colour lomographs with these essential items

Dazzling Doubles: Mask It Up

This is my first time making a mask for my film camera. So I took out my Recesky and made a mask for a doubles project I was working on. Check out my self doubles project using a film mask and a Recesky TLR.

How to Make a LomoWall Collage of Your Vertical Spinner 360 Photos

The Spinner 360 is known for its super cool panoramic shots. But, have you ever tried using this camera vertically and getting a different type of 360...from top to top?

Taking Spinner 360 Photos on Manual Speed

Have you tried to take night photo or indoor photo with your spinner and it was too dark? Did you try to use manual speed and got results that looked like a lot of stripes in different exposures? I have a tipster for you!

Have You Pulled the Spinner String Enough?

Did you ever stop in the middle of a spin to think if you've pulled the string enough to make a complete 360º? Did you pull the string more, or perhaps let go a few centimeters? Worry no more and be guided!

Lomography's LomoKino Maker App Is Here!

We’re SUPER excited to announce the arrival of the LomoKino Maker – Lomography’s first application for the iPhone! Now you can scan and digitize your LomoKino movies even more easily - the app converts your negatives into positives in one effortless step!

along the broken path
first of the spinner series !
first of the spinner series !

How to Make a Splitzer for the La Sardina

I saw some awesome results with splitzers, so, one rainy day, I decided to make my own. And what is a better camera to try this than the La Sardina? Read on and find out what I did!

Make a DIY Felt Bag for the La Sardina!

I had always worried about my beautiful La Sardina when I put it in my pocket without protection. So, I finally sewed a bag made ​​of felt. It's not perfect, but that's the way sometimes with analog stuff! Read on to learn how I did it!

Make a 'Quadrachrome' Filter for Your Diana F+ Out of Unused Flash Gels

Do you have a bunch of Diana F+ flash gels sitting around unused? Well, here's an easy tip on how to turn them into rainbow gold...and start capturing the world in glorious quadrachrome!

How to Achieve Perfect Silhouette Doubles

Lomographers from all over the world love doing doubles but have you tried silhouette doubles? All you need is your favorite camera, some sun, and a bit of imagination. Read on to find out how to create perfect silhouette doubles every time even if your camera doesn’t have an MX button, like the Polaroid Spectra.

DIY Color Gels with a Twist!

Did you lose your color gels for your Colorsplash Flash? Or are you just getting a bit bored with your same old color gels? Read on to see how to make your own color gels with a bit of twist on it!

The Agfa Vista Cocktail

Today on the menu: Agfa Vista ISO 200 in cider vinegar with added lemon-vodka mixed with orange juice and a pinch of washing powder.

The Lomographer's Survival Kit 2

Very recently, I came up with a basic survival kit for every Lomographer, containing some everyday and easy to find items. Admittedly, I missed out some neat additions, so a part 2 was in order! Read on to see if you need to include these items to your Survival Kit!

Cpolpa and His Weapon of Choice, Diana F+

He prefers his food flavorful, so much that it should tickle every corner of his taste buds! This is also the reason why a camera like Lomography’s Diana F+ has been feeding his analogue soul all the time!

Night Life :P
2011 01 09Jan-Feb LCA+ Kodak EktachromeE100G 23Jan-18Feb
2011 01 09Jan-Feb LCA+ Kodak EktachromeE100G 23Jan-18Feb
2011 01 09Jan-Feb LCA+ Kodak EktachromeE100G 23Jan-18Feb
2011 01 09Jan-Feb LCA+ Kodak EktachromeE100G 23Jan-18Feb
A Street in Zenibako
back to the future..
long exposure