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Splitzer pizza
My Kodak E100VS debut

Lomography Austin's 1st Anniversary Rumble and Exhibition!

November is Lomography's birthday month, and December brings about the 1 Year Anniversary of the Lomography Gallery Store Austin! What better way to celebrate on the cusp of these momentous occasions than with an exhibition showcasing the analogue works of art as photographed by YOU!

C.C. Wu / 3.18
Have a break
St. Peter-Ording in Caffenol
El Retiro
don´t know what this is but it looked dope through the viewer

Unpublished 9/11 Film Photographs by James Nachtwey

Remembering the Septermber 11 terrorist attacks, photographer James Nachtwey revisits his rolls of film and shares unpublished photographs he snapped during that fateful day.

Mary Ellen Mark: Circuses and Prostitutes

Whether prostitutes in Bombay, homeless teenagers in Seattle or circus performers in Vietnam, Mary Ellen Mark’s (b.1940) images have excelled at recording the lives of people on the margins of society in a dramatic and visually compelling way. Mark's images resonate with emotional and psychological force. They are rooted in reality, and many of them record the faces behind social issues.

The Secret Life of Vivian Maier

When Chicago nanny Vivian Maier died in 2009, she left behind an archive of over 100,000 negatives, prints, and home-made films discovered only shortly before her death.

Summer Shipping Deal Is On!

Everyone loves a good deal and they don’t come much better than this! Not only have we made price reductions on many cameras in the Lomography Online Shop, we have some great free shipping deals for the next 2 weeks too - Read on for full details!

The Mexican Suitcase

December 2007 - three small boxes, made out of cardboard arrived at the International Center of Photography. The boxes came just straight from Mexico City after a long, mysterious journey! Inside the boxes, the legendary lost Civil War negatives from Magnum photographer Robert Capa!

Tutorial: How to Repair your Fisheye 2

Are you in love with your Fisheye but it's no longer working and the guarantee is expired? I was in that hopeless situation, but I was in luck because my dad is better than McGyver. We dismantled it to find the problem and to repair it. In our case the wind on wheel was blocked for a broken piece into the wheel. If it is your problem follow this guide. If you have other problems perhaps this article could be interesting for learn how disassemble your Fisheye 2 and how find the problem.

X-ray Power

Do x-ray machines at the airport really hurt undeveloped film?

How Film is Made - 1958 Kodak Documentary

Want to have an in-depth look on how exactly our favorite emulsion is made? Check out this old-school documentary!

Dutch Record Stores - #1 Record Palace, Amsterdam

Record Palace is the first shop I’ve covered for my Lomography record store series. It’s located at the Weteringschans and carries a wide selection of jazz, soul and rock records. Record Palace is owned by Jan. Not only tourists, students and regulars, but also well known artists stop by to visit his shop.


Don't know what to do this weekend ? Take your lomography camera on a ride at Legoland

Get Crafty and Do More with Your Film Photos!

So you have lots of stunning photos taken using your beautiful film cameras. What's next? Do more with your photos and get busy with some crafty projects!

Jokkmokk Winter Market - A 400-year old Tradition!

Every winter in the first weekend of February, there is a huge market that takes places far north in Sweden and attracts tourists from as far as Japan. Sounds crazy right? Especially since the cold can be quite unforgiving, with temperatures around -35C if you're unlucky. But it's worth it!

Lomography Is Landing In Austin

Lomography is coming to Austin! This is no visit or vacation, we are here to stay. In the upcoming months, Lomography will be opening a Gallery Store in Austin, TX. Come join our representative, on May 22nd, to talk about our plans and go on a Lomographic walk around town.

All it took was 2 months, and I'm in love...

It was just 2 months ago when I discovered analogue photography with my own eyes (and heart). I've always wanted to capture moments that inspire me, to keep, and to share with family, friends and even random strangers.

Word of the Month: May

What would you do, given an insurmountable amount of power? That's the question we posit for May's Word of the Month!

Recesky DIY TLR

An exciting camera that's fun to build and fun to use.

Burnt Photos? Give a Personal and Funny Touch to Them.

Have your photos come out overexposed? Go ahead with your artistic soul!

Tramore Beach

The longest beach in Ireland looms largely on my childhood.

See Your Photos in Technicolor, Without the Fuss of a Mask!

A very quick tip that gives you vibrant, rainbow-coloured photographs on ANY camera, be it toy, SLR or even (dare I say it?) digital!

Cheap Water Bottle Tripod

We've all been there, its a hot day and you only have room in your bag for either a tripod or a water bottle. But why compromise? With this not-entirely-pointless How To, you can soon make your very own Bottle Tripod! Hallelujah i hear you cry! I shall never go without water or photos again! Finally an answer to all my tripod/bottle related problems!

Ellen Rogers: Instilled with Lustre and Wonder

Ellen Rogers' timeless fashion photographs emanate alluring beauty and subtle seduction. They portray dream and grace and they transport you in another era of aura and solitude. She breathes and lives in her darkroom. She is an artist of analogue photography.