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Load Your 120 Diana with 35mm Film without Using the Special 35mm Back

Want to use 35mm film in your regular Diana camera but haven't got the special 35mm back. Well you can all you need is a slight modification and you can happily shoot sprocket framed snaps with the aid of some foam and electrical tape.

A Proper 35mm Film Mod for Diana F+

Many 35mm mods for the Diana F+ that you can find online are temporary hacks or require you to do something every time you load a film e.g. stick popsicle sticks to the film every time you load a fresh one. It's fine for those who are only playing with 35mm once or twice but for those who want to permanently use 35mm films on their Diana F+ (for cost saving reasons or sprocket hole love), that would eventually get frustrating. So if you're familiar with some basic woodworking (not necessarily wood but anything that will do the job) then go ahead and try this tipster out to make your life easier in the long run.

Use filmes 35mm em sua médio formato

Maneira simples, rápida e fácil de se utilizar filmes 35mm em sua médio formato

Sprocket Holes: filme 135 usando rolo de filme 120

Existem diversas maneiras de fotografar com filme 135 em uma câmera 120 para sensibilizar o filme sobre os buraquinhos das bordas (sprocket hole). Esta é uma das opções em que você pode usar o próprio rolo e papel de proteção dos filmes 120.