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Light Painting: Dancing in the Dark

Want to improve your light painting? Do you dream of defined glowing figures in your photos? Follow these steps and you can create bright Lomographs.

Fotografía nocturna

Hay muchas maneras de disfrutar la noche, pero para mi el mejor modo de recordar una noche no es la resaca del día siguiente. Esta es una pequeña guía o grupo de consejos para fotografía nocturna.

Give Your Diana a New Look!

Want to make your Diana even more special than it already is? Give it a refeshing new look with a new skin.

The DIY Lomographer's Essential Tools

We lomographers like to expand the limits of our creativity and imagination; hence, we feel the constant need to explore beyond photographs and create something new out of them. If you're the crafty, do-it-yourself type who likes to tinker with your prints and other materials, I've put together a list of essential tools you need to have with you on your crafting station.

The Camera Collection

How's this for pretty photographic pixels? A team of three artists have collaborated to produce this insanely perky video of the most popular cameras over the years. Guess how many Lomography cameras made it to the cut by watching the video below!

Back to Basics: The Zim & Zou Analogue Project

In the times of the all-encompassing digital medium, as a working graphic designer in today’s world, it is very refreshing to find such handmade beauty. Especially when they feature such analogue delights, and bring forward so many fond memories. Come and meet the Zim & Zou ‘Back to Basics’ art project.


Lomo Case for No Mo' money

I built my own lomo case out of an old luggage and leftover foam pieces. It is free, cheap and I had it customised to myself and my cameras, and did I already mentioned it's free?

An Introduction to Light Painting with La Sardina

The La Sardina comes complete with a 'B' or Bulb setting and the option of using a cable release. That makes it absolutley perfect for getting down and experimental with some super-cool light painting techniques! Find out everything you need to know to get started here.

Shooting From All Angles with La Sardina

"Shoot From the Hip" is the 4th Golden Rule of Lomography. But what about from your head, or your feet or from the window of a speeding car –absolutely anywhere in fact! A normal photographer might spend a lifetime peering through the viewfinder, carefully judging distances or weighing up different perspectives. But where’s the fun in that? Sure,the La Sardina has a beautiful little built-in viewfinder, but do you really want to hide behind your camera?

A Simple Guide to Setting Up Your Own Photographic Darkroom

In this simple tutorial our friends over at PhotoTuts+ teach you how to make your own photographic darkroom for developing black & white film!

10 Golden Rules in Rock Lomography

Shooting live gigs has been quite an experience for me. Totally different from what I’ve been documenting prior to my Rock Lomography side project. I admit, I’m still new in music photography but I would like to share some of my knowledge with fellow lomographers based on my one-year stint. Just a few simple tips if you’re trying out. Remember this does not conform to regular music photography guidelines. Here are the 10 Golden Rules in Rock Lomography :

Ghosts in my Pictures!

Off-camera lighting and a powerful Lomography flash is the best way to get really spooky, pretty feaky, VERY GHOSTLY images. Find out more after the jump!

An Introduction to Photogram/Contact Printing

For September's Phototuts tutorial, we'll focus on the magic of photograms and making contact prints! If you've always wanted to create your own prints, here's your chance!

A Guide to Night Photography

When doing night photography, it is essential to know some tips and techniques that will help you attain beautiful pictures. Here are some tips that you can follow when doing night photography.

Alternative Lomograph Printing With Emulsion Transfers!

Ever wanted to do something different with your photographs? I will give you a step-by-step processes to make black and white Lomograph prints in a creative, messy and alternative way!

The Ultimate Guide to Create Your Own 35mm Pinhole Camera

For October's feature from PhotoTuts+, we'll be learning how to create our very own pinhole camera in detail!

Stars and Moon Shots

I love stars and the moon. Taking a pictures of it might be the most beautiful thing one might perform, so here's a tutorial on how to do it with any camera.

Dark Night Bright Lights : Shooting in the Night

Most people don't have access to very high ISO films. So what do you do when you're out in the night with only 400 ISO film with your friends and want to take pictures?

The Analogue Way of Capturing Thunderstorms

For two years now, I am trying to capture every thunderstrom that crosses my way, and recently it worked! But it was a long, hard way, and much luck is needed to get great shoots. Here are some basics to try in every thunderstorm situation.

PIMhole Tutorial: Make Your Own DIY Pinhole Camera

If you've ever wanted to make your own pinhole camera but you don't know how, here are some steps that could help you! You can easily make a pinhole camera out of a juice box!

Shooting Long Exposures With Your LC-A+

Long exposures is an old trick that one sees often. The results always have this "wow" effect and the first question that always pops in your head is “how long was this exposure?” The LC-A+ (also applies to the LC-A) has the edge for low-light photography because of it's light metering. But in this case, one has to "deceive" the light meter.

How to Make Christmas Bokeh

Want to make the most of your Holiday photographic experience? Get out those lights and gear up to take some excellent bokeh shots!

LomoKino Power-Winder

If you want an easier way to wind your LomoKino, here is a method to build a battery operated power-winder. The steps are quite easy and there are 2 speed setups so you have options to choose from.

How to Scan Film Without a Film Scanner

If you're just starting in analogue photography, like me, it's probable you don't own a film scanner. Well, no worries, I found a cheap way to scan your film using your old multifunctional scanner or any other simple scanner.

Mixing Words With Reality

Some time ago, I read an article of cohetesnaranjas about a failed experiment of mixing words with landscape. I thought it was a wonderful idea so I kept it in my mind so that I could try it someday, maybe with something more.

30 Ways to Hack Your Next Roll of Film

One of the things that we look forward to when shooting with film is the result. Seeing the photos is always a surprise as we never know what exactly we're going to get. Here are some tips that you could use to hack your next roll of film.

UFO on Your Photos

If you want to add cryptic light balls to your photos, this tipster will help you. Read on to know how to add UFO-like orbs to your photos.