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Lomo Amigo Galleries: Asher Moss and the Lomo LC-A+ (NSFW)

Last week, we saw how photographer and pseudo Internet celebrity Asher Moss can create feelings of nostalgia and understated sensuality with the help of the Diana F+. But Moss’ display of talent and vision doesn't end there; just in time for LC-A month, we proudly showcase more of Moss’ photos, taken with the Lomo LC-A+.

Petzval Artist: Natural Photography Series and Interview with Alexandra Sophie

Alexandra Sophie is a young self-taught fashion and illustration photographer who has already amassed a huge online following. She agreed to test the Petzval artistic lens and used it to create delicate and beautiful nature-themed images. See her work and learn about her photography philosophy after the jump.

Day In A Lomo'Instant - Diana 與 Lomo'Instant 的一天

Diana 這天真的充滿驚喜,她遇上野豬,戴了個鴨仔面具到處走,更到了海灘遊玩,我們一起看看她與 Lomo'Instant 過了怎樣的一天吧!

Day In A Lomo'Instant - Joanna 與 Lomo'Instant 的一天

來自韓國的 Joanna 在炎熱的夏日與 Lomo'Instant 共度的美好一天 !

Day In A Lomo'Instant - Sanami 與 Lomo'Instant 的一天

Sanami 與 Lomo'Instant 的一天看起來很美好呢,她與可愛貓咪玩耍,又吃到美食,這些幸福畫面都用 Lomo'Instant 即影即有相機紀錄下來了!

Day In A Lomo'Instant: Juan

Juan woke up from a deep slumber, scrambled around for coffee and then took to the seas ...all captured by the new Lomo'Instant camera. Take a glimpse of his day in a Lomo'Instant!

Day In A Lomo'Instant: Diana

Diana encountered wild boars, sported a duck mask and had a cuppa on her day captured by the Lomo'Instant! Read on to find out more.

Day In A Lomo'Instant: Sanami

Sanami had what looks like a fabulous day of relaxing with cats and eating great food, documented by the Lomo'Instant. Take a look!

Day In A Lomo'Instant: Fish

Multiple exposures while brushing her teeth? Wow, talk about skills! Check out Fish's Lomo'Instant day.

Day In A Lomo'Instant: Joanna

Here's a day of hanging out in summery Hong Kong with Joanna. It's another day with the Lomo'Instant!

Then and Now: YouTube User Covers Simon & Garfunkel's 'The Sound of Silence' with Floppy and Hard Disk Drives

Who knew the use of floppy and hard disk drives isn't exclusively related to storing data? Check out this awesome video by a creative YouTube user, who makes music with a setup built from these materials!

New Talent Wanted – Lomography Hong Kong is hiring Gallery Store Manager

Passionate about Lomography and anything analogue? Are you good at retail business? Do you love Lomography? How would you like to join the Lomography Team in Hong Kong?

DIY Your Own Special Apertures for Lomography Petzval Lens

The Petzval Art Lens is famous for its circular bokeh. In fact, you can even make you own DIY filters of special shapes!

Cruising Around Hong Kong: A New Petzval Video with Special Bokeh Effects

Cruise along Hong Kong’s urban landscape with this fresh new video taken with the Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens.

Bobby Sham 的 Petzval大片幅照片冊

雖然 Analogue 攝影比數碼攝影難掌握,但憑著嫻熟的技術、攝影藝術家 Bobby Sham 仍能在同行中一枝獨秀。以下是由 Bobby 以原裝 Petzval 鏡頭拍攝的大片幅照片,快來欣賞一下...

Black Paint Lomography x Zenit Petzval Art Lens 快將面世!

黃銅色的 Petzval 鏡頭相信大家已見過很多次,有看最新一期於 Milk 雜誌連載的《Camera Cafe》就會知道 Petzval 鏡頭黑色版本的實物終於現身!

New Russar+ 鏡頭黑白示範照!

任何能夠被稱為「經典」的事物,都能夠相互呼應,因為好品味永遠不退流行。 來看看我們 Lomography 的新經典產品 Russar+ 鏡頭!

「給懂得的人」﹣Russar+ 傳奇詳解

來自俄羅斯的傳奇鏡頭﹣ Russar MR-2 大有來頭,來聽聽設計團隊主腦在 Milk 雜誌連載的《Camera Cafe》為你詳解這支鏡頭有多利害吧!

Petzval 鏡頭用家 Pete Yeung 分享使用心得

來自香港的攝影愛好者 Pete 是 Petzval 鏡頭在 Kickstarter 計劃資助者之一,我們很高興可以邀請他與我們進行對談,快來看看吧!

Petzval 鏡頭試拍﹣意想不到的快樂

第一次在工作以外使用 Petzval 鏡頭,得到了意想不到的效果!

People and Places As Seen Through the New Russar+ Lens

The people we meet and the places we go to are essential ingredients to making our most treasured memories. To preserve those memories, however, we need a little help from our trusty cameras, and if you want sharper, more vibrant memories with a blanket of vignette and oozing with unique character, hook up your camera with Lomography’s latest innovation, the New Russar+ Lens.

The Man Behind the Lens: Mikhail Rusinov

The New Russar+ Lens is a reinvention of the legendary 1958 Russar MR-2. As we usher in our latest offering, we take a step back and peek into the origins of its valiant predecessor, and into the lifeof the man who made it all possible: Mikhail Mikhailovich Rusinov.

Petzval Artist: Portraits by Parisian photographer Maxime Chanet

French photographer Maxime Chanet tested the new Petzval Lomography x Zenit Lens, taking photos of Yaya in a parisian apartment. The result is a beautiful series of intimate and delicate portraits, with great natural lights and contrasts. Discover what Maxime has to say about his experience shooting with the Petzval lens.

Lomography Hong Kong – 招募新血!

喜愛 Analogue 攝影的你有想過加入 Lomography 團隊嗎?我們現在正誠邀你加盟,把無窮的創意與熱情好好發揮!

Richmond Lam Shoots With The Petzval

LomoAmigo Richmond Lam recently tested the Lomography Petzval Lens out in Hong Kong and we're pleased to share his shots with you after the jump!

Tattso Takes the Petzval Art Lens to Istanbul

Tattso from the Lomography team took a trip to Istanbul with the Petzval Art Lens. Have a look at the gorgeous photos that he took with this premium lens.

Dreaming of The Stars in Hong Kong

Here's another awesome video taken using the Petzval Art Lens. This time. the Lomography team in Hong Kong used the special aperture plates, which come with the Petzval Lens pre-order package. Check out the really cool bokeh in the background!

Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Interview with artist Marco Mucig

After exploring different visual languages ​​with different artistic tools in the end, Marco Mucig chose video as the medium for his craft. Today he tells us about his experience with the Petzval lens.

Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Artist Interview: Amy Arbus

Amy Arbus has published five books, including the award winning "On the Street 1980-1990" and "The Inconvenience of Being Born." The New Yorker called "The Fourth Wall" her masterpiece. Her most recent, "After Images," is an homage to modernism's most iconic avant-garde paintings. Her photographs have appeared in over one hundred periodicals around the world, including New York Magazine, People, Aperture and The New York Times Magazine. She has had twenty-five solo exhibitions worldwide, and her photographs are a part of the collection of The National Theater in Norway, The New York Public Library and The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

An In-Depth Interview with Petzval Enthusiast Geoffrey Berliner

It is with our great pleasure to talk to Geoffrey Berliner, executive director of the Penumbra Foundation and the Center for Alternative Photography in New York City. Another interesting tidbit is that he has an impressive (and very vast!) collection of over 2000 vintage Petzval Lenses!

Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Artist Interview: Aloysius Lim

His passion for photography was discovered from the most unexpected situation. Famous for his powerful concert shots and artistic wedding portraits, Aloysius Lim, the love for photography started in 2003 while incapacitated after a knee surgery for a football injury. His work is magnificent, so we invited him to try out the Petzval Lens with his Canon Camera. Read on to get blown away!

An Interview With Geoffrey Berliner, A Petzval Enthusiast With Over 2000 Petzval Lenses

We'd like to introduce you to Geoffrey Berliner, executive director of the Penumbra Foundation and the Center for Alternative Photography in New York City. He's also a proud collector of over 2000 vintage Petzval Lenses! Watch our interview with him after the cut.

Studio TM — Lomography x Zenit Petzval 鏡頭訪談錄

最近,我們收到一批為數極少的 Petzval Art 鏡頭(完成版),並找來不少對『人像攝影』有獨對見解的攝影師和藝術家,聽聽他們對這新品的一些意見;這回登場的,是來自香港的二人創作團隊 Studio TM 工作室…

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