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The Cloud Circle MX Experiment

Some time ago, I discovered how much fun it can be to use clouds in your photos to add that little extra. After shooting several rolls with stuff floating on clouds I felt the need to try something different. What if you could have clouds all around your subject? Read on to find out how simple the circular cloud experiment really is!

Pinhole Rocket: Making a Film Box Panoramic Pinhole Camera

Updating my previous tipster, I'm going to show you how to turn an otherwise useless film box into a super wide panoramic camera! With exposed sprockets too?!! Go grab a film box now!!!

Tel aviv

Rare and Funky: The Great Wall DF Camera, a True Lomo-Jewel

Last week I bumped into this Chinese camera. I vaguely knew about it and despite being a bit expensive I bought it anyway. I am so glad this camera is in my collection now. It is the most allround Lomo camera I have. Trust me, I have a lot of of cameras and this one is just a true Lomo-Jewel

Experimental Shots with Instant Photos

Do you love the experimental techniques you can enjoy with your film cameras, namely the Multiple Exposure, Light Painting, and Double Exposure methods? Didn't think you could enjoy these techniques with instant film? Sure you can, just check out our galleries of funky instant back photos after the jump!

Pocket Sunset Scenes

Have you ever wondered how the world would look like if it was constantly basked in sunset glow? Well, here’s an idea!

New York: Lost and Found

New York fascinated me because I have seen it for the first time and I had the opportunity to spend the time with my lovely girlfriend who knows all the hot spots since NY is something like a second home to her. I m not the type of a person who is really into extreme tourism. While I travel, I am pretty much obsessed about the dirty sides of a town.Here is few of my pics I made in NYC. Enjoy!

Introducing Lobster Redscale Color Negative 110 Film & the Digitaliza 110 Scanning Mask!

Lomography’s on a roll when it comes to reviving 110 format. This week, we’ve released the Lobster Redscale 110 Film and the Digitaliza 110 Scanning Mask - perfect for all you 110 format lovers out there.

Half the Frame, Double the Fun: Yashica 72-E

This lovely looking half-frame camera is the perfect compromise between a slim, portable camera, and an excellent lens and performance. And you can cram an incredible amount of pictures on your roll.

Saddle Up with the Kodak Pony 135

The Kodak Pony 135 is a viewfinder camera made in 1955. It uses 35mm film and has a fixed focal length. Its a nice camera that can do multiple exposures and long exposures! This camera may be a Lomographers dream, or it may be a problem for people for certain reasons. Learn more about this camera and its functions after the jump.

Enjoy Lomography even more with Lomography Splitzer!

Have you ever used Lomography Splitzer? I use it all the time! Depending on how you use it, you can get great results with your analog photography! I will introduce some of techniques on how to use it!

Packed in like Nuri Sardines Rumble

Sardines might be packed in way too tight, but we're pretty sure that you can still find your way into squeezing in like them and grabbing a photo or two! The tighter the photo, the better the prize!

Tipster of the Week: Nip, Cut and Pop

If you're blown away with his application of Anaglyphs, Cross Eyed Stereograms, and such in Lomography, Gvelasco is back again! But this time, he managed to create effects by neatly butchering his camera.

House Arrow
Diana Mini Film-Swap British vs Spanish with alehopgm (Boots scanning version)