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    #my photos #35mm #film photography #canon a-1 #kodak portra 400 #kodak ektar 100 #san francisco #velvetbandit #kauai

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  • AE1 ⑩ Bagan / Yagon (38851)

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    La Sardina, early springtime

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  • Namibia

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    Hardap...on the way to Hardap-dam

  • Fireworks on my life

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    My facebook page:

  • Jörð + Vatn (III)

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    for the story behind the pics:

  • Double With Jetnz81

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    I always want to snap some underwater portrait shot. In Fact I don’t have a krab or underwater camera than allow me to do this theme. After that, I found that Jetnz81 - a lomography from Tawau, Sabah, has taken a diving course, and took a lots of underwater shot during he went to diving. So I approach him with this theme. No doubt, he agreed with this idea. We choose to use LCW for this double. It is because we bought this super wide camera together during the big sales of lomography, and yet the easy focus point of LCW can let Jet have a clear and nice underwater shot. First shot done during Jet when to diving & I shot on second at Dance Factory, Thanks Kim for the crazy performance & Tan Theng for the lighthing. It always fun to try something different. Thanks Jetnz81 for the good shot!

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  • steampunk punisher

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    "Nikon F80""Lomography color negative 800""Spring flowers"

  • New York Adventures Part 4: Charming Corners.

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    To be completely honest, I had a totally bland expectation of New York when I first stepped on the plane. I was never really that sort of person who dreams of seeing the bright lights. However, the unique and charming corners of the city drew me in, and after a while I started to forget that I actually don't live in this city.

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    Florida, Purple, Sunshine State, Atlantic Ocean

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    so much Berlin :) #berlin #city #love #spring #andre #sushi_9009 #sun #RAW #Klunkerkranich

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    Lomo LC-Wide Ilford HP5 White Rock Victoria Boats Square Self Processed

  • Japan - Kyoto

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  • Stuttgart Purple Sprockets

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    Had a #purple in one of my #favorite cameras... the #Sprocket-Rocket :)

  • Japan Osaka Nara

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    I shot this in July 2014 at 25ASA but deliberated for ages on whether to buy the special high contrast developer or just to wing it with Caffenol like I normally do. Finally, with some help, I decided on using the Caffenol Delta Micro recipe and I'm actually quite pelased with the results. Some shots are mostly black but I love the subtle detail present. I also like that some shots look sort of solarised. I'm not sure how that happened. These shots were taken in an abandoned china clay industry place. There were a MILLION seagulls living there that made the most immense noise at our presence. I wish I could add sound effects.

  • Wide and Underexposed

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    @forceusr handed me two rolls of film to shoot while we were shooting recently. I shot one of the rolls with doubles in mind from a sunny day and underexposed when I could. Then found out when I developed it that there were no other shots. So it's just dark shots with a few cool ones mixed in. :D

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    Kendama session

  • Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France

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    All shots taken with Minolta Hi-Matic 7 II s on Kodak BW400CN (my very last roll of this film)

  • #SeoulFashionWeek

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    These are 10 of my favorite photographs created during Seoul Fashion Week 2015 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. I used a Mamiya C220 TLR camera and double exposed film to create unique portraits of young Korea. Some of these people are just followers of fashion, and others are well known models. Seoul Fashion Week is time where both the known and unknown get a chance to show off their style.

  • Küste und Hafen Warnemünde

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    Last #autumn #fall at the Baltic Sea #coast in #Warnemünde with Diana F+ and Rollei RPX 400 #bw film.

  • Carminha

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  • Nightswimming

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  • *

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    Canon EOS 33 & Petzval & Fuji Sensia 100

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  • Self portrait

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    Self portrait

  • Camera: Canon Prima Super 120 Film: Fujicolor…

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    Prendi un Fujicolor Press da 800 ISO scaduto chissa quando (l'ex proprietario era un fotografo amico di mio cugino Leonardo). Lo monti sulla Canon Prima Super 120 (la mia preferita tra le varie compatte che ho) e speri di tirar fuori qualcosa di carino... Devo dire che sono soddisfatto del risultato, anche se il merito in parte va alla primavera, a suoi bei colori, ma soprattutto ai vari fiori che mette a disposizione a chi come me esercita la professione del finto fotografo... Dominanti blu e grana come se non ci fosse un domani...

  • Me

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    First time to try out this black and white favorite from Kodak. I kind of failed with many of the frames but I am quite happy with all these that turned out. I want some more of this film!

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    #taiwan #travel #110 #pocket #film #camera #flag #sunset #city #colornegative #autumn

  • Big sky

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    Big clouds in the sky.

  • addicted

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    yes...i´m addicted to flowers :-) ...winter was toooo loooong

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  • I köket

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    From my project "Studiegatan 1a".

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  • Friaredalen

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    Friaredalen, Jönköping.

  • Smile I

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    #SX-70 #B&W #Impossible #Portrait #Analogue #Film #workshop #PolaroidLove #Prague #polaroid

  • Sakura

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    Rollei 35s / Kodak Ektar 100


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    @forceusr and I hit a few spots today to get some #shots. This was one of the rolls I shot at the #Riverside #Skate Park in #Tulsa. They were kind enough to #shred and we stayed out of their way.

  • Nice French Riviera

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  • alone in a dream

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    the very kind people at lomography lent one of their brand new LC-A 120s to me for a test drive a couple of weeks ago, these are some of my favourites.. and the full write up is here:

  • Film Swap with @fotomacher

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    This roll was sent to me from Southern California by @fotomacher. He shot the first layer using his Konstruktor and I shot the second layer using the LC-A+. If you haven't already done so, please check out his wonderful work here: ; and here are the results of our first swap: Thank you @fotomacher :)

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    dreamy photoshoot about alice in wonderland fairytale, taking the advantage of having Lostlittlekid visiting us in Madrid <3

  • To Russia with Love (Part 2)

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    To Russia with Love (Part 2)

    In the second of his three-part Russian love story, Herr Willie recalls in detail about "coming home" to each country of the former Soviet Union that he had been to.

  • Fuji Silvi 1000 LS : The Cheaper Version of Fuji Natura Classica?

    written by bebopbebop on 2013-07-26 in #reviews
    Fuji Silvi 1000 LS : The Cheaper Version of Fuji Natura Classica?

    One of my dream cameras is the Fuji Natura Classica. But poor me, I can't find it anywhere in my country, and it will be very expensive to buy it online as well. Luckily, one day I found this camera called Fuji Silvi 1000 LS, which is only about US $10. Find out the performance of this camera after the jump!

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    Only shot a roll in Madrid. But it was a fun time always!