Celebrating 100 Likes!!!


Yeah! It was a long way to my first 100-likes-shot, but it was/is a color- and beautiful way :-)

Credits: t0m7

I started Lomography with a Diana Mini in April this year and now i own 10 analogue cameras and 8 more Polaroid cams. Just one year ago i bought an DSLR for a lot of money but now i think i have spent more money on analog stuff than my big DSLR equipement.

Recently i started with developing b/w films at home and the next days i will try with color c-41 process.
I really enjoy taking photos (on film), developing, scanning and being amazed by them. And of course showing them to my friends (i think “showing off at my digital-photography friends” is the better way to describe it x-) and creating digital and real LomoWalls.

Credits: t0m7

Photo/Lomo-graphy is a great hobby. It costs a lot but gives you back so much!

Credits: t0m7

Shoot on, dear Lomo-Friends and Film-Addicts!

written by t0m7 on 2010-12-27


  1. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Great article Tom. The album that has the "angel" picture is really cool too...what an awesome waterpark. :)

  2. trashpilotin
    trashpilotin ·

    oh oh oh, selbstentwickeln! ich bin auf die ergebnisse gespannt, berichte mal! das ist eine spannende geschichte, die ich mir noch nicht wirklich zutraue...
    und yay für die 100 likes :)