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DIY Film Canister Bag Tags

Traveling a lot and want to have a fun and quirky way to identify your luggage in the airport? Here's a quick how-to on making your own film canister bag tag!



Scanning 120 Film with the Lomography Film Scanner

Lomography’s new film scanner is a brilliant device specifically designed for quick scanning of 35mm film. For those of you who share my love for medium format, let me show an easy way to use the film scanner for 120 film scanning.



在陰天用 Redscale 底片拍照!

你喜歡陰天嗎?但我比較喜歡在陽光普照的日子外出拍照。不過,我也喜歡陰天,因為那是用 Redscale 反轉片拍照的最好時機!在這篇文章中,我會讓你知道如何在陰天駕馭 Redscale 拍照的技巧!


重曝(Multiple Exposure)應該是所有 Lomographer 們所熟知的技巧吧?它為相片添上層次,可以讓拍攝效果變得很不一樣!我最愛在風景、建築以及樹木間重新塑造不一樣的影像。現在,讓我和大家分享個人使用重曝技巧的心得吧!


底片料理就是讓底片發生化學反應,然後享受其所產生的未知神奇效果。這種新奇的嘗試說不定會讓你得到意想不到的作品喲!至今為止,有很多 Lomographer 都做了這個實驗並認真記錄了實驗結果。這次,我也親身體驗了一下這個神奇的過程,一起欣賞一下我的實驗結果吧!

Scan it Your Way

To those who cannot afford to buy a flatbed scanner with a film mask to scan films, try this, a cheap film scanner for all. It is easy to try and harmless to do. Just follow these few steps to scan your films and get your negative digitalized. Others might have wrote about this too, but this is how i'm scanning my films. Different people come out with different ways!

How to Archive Your Film Negatives

When shooting analogue, you will face the problem of having developed negatives lying around everywhere and piling up. You can throw them away, or put them somewhere in a dark corner and forget about them, but what if you want to scan them again or need them for any other reason? I do know I am pretty chaotic, but for my negatives I needed a method to keep it organized. So, let me show you how I archive my film negatives after the jump!

Modifying your LC-A+ to Achieve ISO12

If you prefer to overexpose your ISO400 redscale film by five full stops in your LC-A+, you would want to override your camera's ISO setting to 12. But how? I have got the tipster for you!

Protect Your Film from X-Ray Damage During Air Travel

Traveling by air with film is an adventure in and of itself, but well worth it. You will need to prepare for your trip though. This article offers tips for a successful photo expedition; most importantly, getting to your destination and back without x-ray damage to your film.

How to Scan Film Without a Film Scanner

If you're just starting in analogue photography, like me, it's probable you don't own a film scanner. Well, no worries, I found a cheap way to scan your film using your old multifunctional scanner or any other simple scanner.

Random shot with Agfa CT Precisa
chinon ce-4 1st try!!

My Raya Vacation From Kuala Lumpur - Ipoh, Penang

I spent the last Raya with my girlfriend, in Nothern Malaysia.

A Simple Way to Catalogue Your Film Archives.

Imagine when you want to look for that roll of film from a special trip or event you went to a few years ago and you realize that you have tens or even hundreds of rolls stashed in your storage area. Each one of them needs to be taken out and painstakingly gone through just to look for that one roll.

Tutorial: How I Roll - A Practical Way of Carrying Films

I have my film rolls sorted neatly inside my refrigerator but as soon as I go outside to shoot, whether on a whole day or on a weekend, I usually take extra films with me. In minutes, the film's order just turns into a total chaos, not to mention the loose rolls inside my bag. Don't you get annoyed when this happens? I finally found a simple remedy for this. Read on.

Film Archiving: Don’t Throw Your Lomo Boxes Away!

Fellow Lomographers, it’s time to think inside the box! Every Lomography product comes in a funky looking box, neatly packed for your satisfaction! Don’t throw those Lomo boxes away, they will come in handy later on.

When Holga Went In the Arctic

h3. Week 1 (Dec. 20 to Dec. 26, 2007)