The First Time


For me the first time was when I was 13!
It was summer, July of 1971. I had just found what for many years was my first and only camera, the fatty boxes Kodak Instamatic 50.

my Instamatic 50

For several days I turned among my hands that strange object. In my house had never been a camera and the only one that I had seen in passing was that of an uncle who occasionally visited us.

my uncle’s camera

Some days after I found this camera. not after having opened and removed that other “strange thing” that was inside, the 126 film cartridge! I decided to head to the nearby studio and with all the embarrassment of this world I did explaining the operation of the device!

Then came the fateful day of my first shot!
Was a Thursday afternoon.
My father makes us all get in the car and takes us on a belvedere for a picnic.
In front of me lies the Adriatic coast.
A solitary almond tree makes a shelter from burning sun.
It’s time.
Shot out of his black vinyl case my Instamatic 50… is an instant… Tchklaak!

Credits: superlighter

I remember my mother screaming to me to don’t waste unnecessary shots.

I think I was briefly as…stunned. I shall have done?
I have to wait several days before seeing the results.

The first photograms in the film cartridge had been lost because of my curiosity, I opened the camera several times and extract the film, so were still only 6 or 7 shots to take.
The break came just a few days later.
A day at sea!

But at that point I had already become an experienced photographer and I ventured in all types shooting, also from the ground[Photo:12873728]

written by superlighter on 2011-03-24

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  1. vicuna
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    Great story and first pictures Aurelio! :))