My camerapaedia: Agfa Iso-Rapid IF

Iso-Rapid IF bottom right.

A simple camera in the Agfa rapid-series. It has a two speeds: sunny (1/80s) and cloudy/flash (1/40s). It boasts a Isinar f8 lens with 3 apertures (8, 11, 16) and a AG-1 flashbulb holder. There’s a handly little exposure table printed on the back side.


Thrift store (€1,25).

As I mentioned before, when descibing the Agfa Isomat Rapid, I bought three Agfa camera’s at once at the thrift store, only to discover at home that neither of them took ordinary film rolls. In the end I realised I could combine the empty canisters in two of the camera’s and fill them film myself.
It took me even longer to try out this camera. Somehow I thought that a camera this simple could not be any fun. A misconception. This camera surprised me. Simple as it is, I really like the pictures. The square format is always fun (I’m a sucker for square format pics), but apart from that, it’s hard to descibe why I like the camera. Maybe it’s just because my expectations were so low. The color pics may be a bit bleak, but that’s due to a processing error. In fact, the simplicity of the camera is rather relaxing: don’t think, just shoot! Sometimes that’s all you need.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2012-10-19

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I am amazed by your finding such fun cameras. Congratulations on your restoring them. I really like your first two black and whites with the canal and bicycles.