All I want for Christmas is a decent search function

Credits: stratski

I’m into blogging. Not neccesarily here, but on my WordPress blog. I write about photography (what else?), and use my own pictures to illustrate my stories. Since the bulk of my photo archive lives on an external hard drive that’s not always plugged in, I use as my photo source. I will write a story, decide what picture I want to use (or the other way around), and then copy the pic from this site to my blog.

But. Actually localizing the right pic is sheer hell. For instance, I’m sure I took a picture of myself reflected in a car mirror from inside the car (I never claimed to be original…). I need that picture for my article on a exposition I saw of Lee Friedlander – America by car (great expo, by the way). Only, I can’t find it.

I currently have 6697 pictures posted here. That is a lot of pages to go trough.
I can search by key word, but looking for “car” “mirror” “me” doesn’t do the trick: dozens of pictures, but not mine. Other combinations of keywards: still no luck.

I can go into the lab and search by keyword there, but
A) half the pictures containing the keyword won’t show up and
B) If I have found it in the blog, I still can’t open it full size, or
C) see the ID if I want to use it in an article of blog post here on

I can search by album, but not all my pictures are in albums. And besides, some albums are rather ecclectic. The picture I’m looking for might me the last one to finish off a roll of holiday pic, so the pic I’m looking for could be in an album called “Easter hike” or something.

I can click on any camera on my camera shelf to see all the pictures I took with that camera. That is good. Except that not all my cameras are on the camera shelf. Only reviewd cameras can be added. I have reviewed several of my cameras so I could add them to my shelf and seach my photos, but several are still filed under Other in the revies section, and so I can’t add them to my shelf.

Nope, not in the list.

So what I would really like, is an option to search the regular site (as opposed to the Lab), but only my own pictures. A kind of “search only this home” checkbox.

I keep hoping…

written by stratski on 2013-12-20

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  1. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    Indeed the seraching engine is a pain in the ass. It would be helpfull too to search by date.