• Lomographic Earl Grey 100 (35mm)!

    written by stratski on 2011-10-13 in #reviews
    Lomographic Earl Grey 100 (35mm)!

    An excellent all rounder that performs well both in the dark and indoor circumstances and outside in blazing sunlight.

  • Embrace Your Suburb

    written by stratski on 2011-10-08 in #gear #tipster
    Embrace Your Suburb

    You may think that cool pictures can only be taken in cool places. But that boring suburb where you spend most of your time can be pretty photogenic as well. You just have to open your eyes to it.

  • The Sensuous Bricks of the Amsterdam School

    written by stratski on 2011-10-03 in #world #locations
    The Sensuous Bricks of the Amsterdam School

    There are many reasons to visit Amsterdam: a beautiful century center, drugs, Anne Frank, Rembrandt, a Lomo Gallery Store... When it comes to architecture, there is more to Amsterdam than the 17th century stepped gables and canals. In fact, there's a whole architectural style named after Amsterdam: the Amsterdam school. I took some of my first lomographic photos of these buildings, but they are dying to be photographed by you as well!

  • Getting High on the Fens: Haut Fagnes

    written by stratski on 2011-07-07 in #world #locations
    Getting High on the Fens: Haut Fagnes

    Just a short drive from urban centres as Brussels, Maastricht and Aachen lies on one of the most beautiful spots of nature in this little corner of Europe: the Hautes Farnes or Hoge Venen (High Fens). Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a bit and wonder at the moorlands and take beautiful pictures while you're at it.