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Make Your Prophecy Rumble

Following on from our Shoot your Prophecy Rumble, we've upped the stakes again and have some even bigger prizes to offer you in our MEGA Make Your Prophecy Rumble!! Read on for details, you won't want to miss out on this one!

Double Exposures Downtown

Paper Light Meter and Zombies

A (Lomo) prophecy is being fulfilled! In a zombie apocalyptic world, you will have to leave all the modern day comforts behind. Are you ready to say goodbye to electricity and battery-powered electronic automation? Paper Light Meter will help you get properly exposed shots until the end of days.

Giant Candy

Candies, little as they are, never fail to zap us back to our childhood. What more if they were big – no, gigantic!

Lomography Proudly Presents the Tori Amos Inspiration Competition

Lomography has partnered with world renowned song siren, Tori Amos, to bring you the iconic TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ and an amazing competition that will inspire Lomographers in every corner of the globe!

My Lubitel loves Portraits

Have You Ever Seen Swimming Nuns?

Nuns at the beach? Seriously? Has the world gone mad?

Lomo Love

Shoot Your Prophecy – The Winners Come To Vienna!

The three winners from our Shoot Your Prophecy competition headed to Vienna last weekend – We had a great time partying with jorgesato, monkeyballs and flyaway – Read on to find out more about their trip and see some of their holiday snaps!

Multiple Exposure : Choose Your Subjects!

Multiple exposure is a photographic technique by exposing your film to different subjects. This technique will produce unique and unimaginable image to your photos. In fact, this method is experimental and will enable you to express your photos in a creative way. This article will guide you on proper subject to be choose for multiple exposure

An Introduction: Mary's Photo Diary Series

Mary Robinson is a young photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. She loves film very much and as a matter of fact, she will be sharing her visual diary with us very soon!

An Instant: Taste of Summer Rumble

Summer is here and before you know it, it'll be gone in a flash! It's time to get those instant photos burning and those cameras rolling under the noonday sun!

Pinholaroid Colorpack II: When Life Gives You Lemons

Is your glass half full or half empty? I carry too many cameras at one time. I don't say this because of some generally accepted number that is "too many". Like anyone can even know that. I say that I carry too many cameras because of the physical limitations of having only 2 arms and 1 back. This situation occasionally leads to an awkward moment, the worst of these being the "drop". That's right, the hair on the back of your neck just stood up...rightly so. No camera-loving fool wants to drop his or her camera. No matter how many he or she has.

Top Bloggers Who Use Analogue Cameras: Part 1

After a while of thinking about who to feature in this article, I realised that I had too many favourite blogs I'd like to share. So here is the FIRST part of my list of top bloggers who use analog cameras. Enjoy!

Get the Film Out the Canister Without a Film Puller

The people from the labs are our friends, but we all like to doubles, whether made with us or with someone halfway across the world, but what to do when the film gets inside the canister.

We All Have Our Dragons

He knew this one was there, unseen, in the hazy heat of the day. It hovered over the parched lawn, waiting to destroy the expired and carelessly stored Polaroid 664. The packfilm was no match for time and low humidity.

Word of the Month: June

We're going to shake things up a bit for June's Word of the Month and focus on LomoWalls. Interested yet? Check out the details after the jump!

Lomography X Digital Arts Show Your Colours Winners Announcement

Digital Arts Magazine set you the challenge of showing them your most colourful images, to feature in their next issue. You submitted over 8000 brilliant images, and here are the winners handpicked by the Digital Arts team!

LomoWalls of the Week

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Show me the prettiest LomoWall of all! Or at the very least of last week, which we are happy to oblige!

Drawings in My Photos

The wonderful outcome of the experiment I did for the Thailand-Spain film swap.

Being to Serious