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After a loooong break from what I deem to be any "official" lomo outings, I finally made it out to Jacksonville during Spring Break 2011 for a couple new reasons and a couple oldies, too.

For Christmas, my new boyfriend Kevin bought me the “Tori Amos” edition of the Diana F+, available only on her website and coming in a piano-shaped package with a book, Diana print of Tori, live 2 CD set, roll of film, special “Close” and “Distance” lenses, and, and, and!!! It is an amazing package that was a hefty amount of Xmas gift money, I know, and the second Kevin watched me light up when seeing it in an email update from the Tori store, he says he knew it would be his gift to me.

Photo by strangelilgirl

—OK. He’s not “new;” we’ve been together for months now. But after unwillingly losing contact with my previous partner in crime after some rocky relationship/friendship troubles, I have happily found myself in Kevin’s company. So he’s a new Lomo partner. And while we’ve snapped a photo here and there, we had yet to go on an actual photo date.

Photo by strangelilgirl

Of course, Tori Amos is my favorite person, out of all my favorite people! (especially my favorite badass lady pianists). She’s the reason I own and play a piano, the reason for one of my tattoos,…and probably a subconscious reason for why I’m always dying my hair red =D So you can imagine how antsy I was to try out this camera. But between 3 part-time jobs and 16+ credits in school, I end up somewhere around full time times 3, and so I have been quite discouraged (or at least just lacking the ambition/time needed) for going out on the lomo-town.

Photo by strangelilgirl

There’s also that initial hesitation I feel with new cameras. While the adrenaline rush of getting to know a new analogue machine is something that cannot be replicated, I still often have these vague hesitations about the unfamiliarity of a new one. And I do have a tendency sometimes, in certain areas of my life, to get stuck on the things I already know to be good. If I think about a camera I know, like my LC-A+, I have so many tangible things pop up in my head: features, specific photos I’ve taken, things I’ve learned. I feel comfortable around that camera, like I know how to act, what kind of language to use, its like and dislikes, etc. But with a new camera, there’s this sort of foggy lack of all that, like trying to picture something you don’t know about. You need those initial impressions to know how to work with the camera, but you don’t get them until you actual go out and work it! And depending on what you’re using, it may even take a few encounters before the two of you become familiar, before the camera opens up to you (or is it the other way around…).

Photo by strangelilgirl

The day turned out wonderful! The weather was perfect: the sun would occasionally hide behinds clouds, but only for minutes at a time; I confidently loaded up Tori with 100 iso Velvia, knowing I’d be cross processing it, and ready to take some photos of one of my trusty photographic destinations, Jacksonville. I also wanted to take some nice portraits of Kevin.

We went to the Good Bean for a great cup of coffee and a delicious homemade bagel. I’d had a free coffee punch card for so long but hadn’t gone back to that coffee shop since months and months ago with Anthony. It was really pleasant being back in the same place, that same quaint city, with a couple new faces around my arm and my neck =)

Our photos turned out lovely, a true sign, I believe, of the good things to come between the two of us. And between Kevin and I, too ;)

Photo by strangelilgirl

Time may heal all wounds, but good photos with good people can peel the scars right off your skin, revealing new pieces of you that were just waiting to be seen…and photographed.

written by strangelilgirl

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    beautiful story, and you had a really great christmas present :D

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