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  • Ocean City, MA: A Good Place to Jump Out of a Plane

    Ocean City, MA: A Good Place to Jump Out of a Plane
    Last summer, my boyfriend (artvandelay) and I went on a week-long east coast adventure to celebrate the birthday of one of my closest friends, Violeta. We kicked off the week on the actual day of Violeta’s birthday by doing exactly what she wanted: skydiving.
  • Diana F+ Tori Amos Edition

    Diana F+ Tori Amos Edition
    The Diana F+ Tori Amos edition was released shortly before Christmas of 2010. Sold exclusively on Tori’s own site, you could only purchase this camera in a beautifully boxed set. At $180 (now down to $150), it is definitely an investment, but well worth it!
  • Kya-ri-ko (Calico) Cat Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo, Japan

    Kya-ri-ko (Calico) Cat Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo, Japan
    One of those things I had aaaaalllways heard about but never truly believed to exist, is the Calico Cat Cafe, which was a very welcomed stop during our 2-week sojourn in Japan. Right when I was missing my own cats so dearly (I just had to include a photo of each of them in this gallery!).
  • Yokohama, Japan

    Yokohama, Japan
    This is the 3rd Lomolocation in my series documenting last December's trip to Japan, and it is one of my top favorite areas that we visited. Yokohama, which includes the famous Ferris Wheel once "destroyed by Godzilla," and the Ramen Museum in the Shin-Yokohama district.
  • Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

    Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
    Last December, I finally made a dream come true by getting to spend two weeks in Tokyo, Japan. Most of our day trips remained in that huge city, and this is the 2nd Lomo location in a series of me documenting every place I visited.
  • Asakusabashi, Tokyo, Japan

    Asakusabashi, Tokyo, Japan
    Up until last winter, I was an international travel virgin. I had spent 23 years dreaming about the world outside the U.S., with Japan being the epitome of all the places I could possibly wish to go to. After some thoughtful planning, money-saving, and passionate dreaming, I made it happen!
  • The 2010 AWP in Denver, Colorado

    The 2010 AWP in Denver, Colorado
    The AWP (or Association of Writers and Writing Programs) is a weekend conference held in a different city each year. Due to landing an upcoming editing job through my university (SOU), I was lucky enough to receive student funding to attend this years conference, held in the convention center in Denver.
  • Polaroid One Step: Don't Mind if I Do

    Polaroid One Step: Don't Mind if I Do
    The Polaroid One Step close-up camera takes 600 film, has a built in flash (which you have the option of not using), 2 distance settings (2 - 4 feet or 4 feet - infinity), and an optional darken/lighten setting. I was given this camera as a hand-me-down gift from my boyfriend's mom who--sadly, like so many folks these days--has gone digital. But one person's trash is often another person's analogue treasure!
  • Kumoricon 2009 at the Hilton Hotel in Portland

    Kumoricon 2009 at the Hilton Hotel in Portland
    2010 will see Kumoricon's 8th year of existence in downtown Portland. Usually taking place over Labor Day weekend, K-Con (as people call it) is a 3 day Japanese culture/anime festival known for the elaborate and often home-made costumes that attendees almost exclusively wear.
  • Zen Zen Sushi & Teriyaki

    Zen Zen Sushi & Teriyaki
    Central Point: a city not traveled to by anyone other than those needing to fill up the gas tank and grab a bite to eat; a place to stop when you've spotted the "no rest area for 38 miles" sign and you've absolutely gotta use the bathroom. Drive down it's lowly streets, it's abandoned and gloomy atmosphere, and it's 1 road "downtown" area and you most likely will pass by my place of employment without even noticing it, a little gem and one of Central Point's newest restaurants that you'll surely regret not spotting!
  • Ween, Live at Lithia Motors Amphitheater in Bend, OR

    Ween, Live at Lithia Motors Amphitheater in Bend, OR
    I'm lucky enough to have my list of favorite artists that I want to see live almost completely crossed off: Tori Amos, Radiohead and Silverchair, just to name a few. Last Summer, I added a band that I've been listening to since my Freshman Year in high school: Ween!
  • The Old Photo Booth at The Ace Hotel

    The Old Photo Booth at The Ace Hotel
    A photographer’s paradise! For all us old school, black & white lovers, this photo booth is NOT for the faint of heart. This is NOT one of those cheesy sticker photo booths that you’ll find in the mall, nor is it the rip off sitting in your local movie theater lobby; this is the real deal!
  • Hotel Fifty

    Hotel Fifty
    For my boyfriend’s 21st birthday on July 30th, I told him I booked us a room at a Best Western for our overnight stay in Portland, when in actuality I had booked it with Hotel Fifty. Surprise!
  • Wildlife Safari

    Wildlife Safari
    Wildlife Safari is a place everyone must visit at least once in their life! Sure, all big cities have zoos, but this “drive thru” zoo gives animals great amounts of land to roam through, while you remain in your car traveling through the different areas and witnessing creatures including bears, lions, zebras and many more. One might say, the tables are turned as to who is caged up in this animal experience!
  • Trees & Tattoos in Ashland

    Trees & Tattoos in Ashland
    Ashland is a hippie college town about 20 minutes south of where I live. It is home to my future school beginning in September 2009, Southern Oregon University.
  • Shenanigan's Irish Pub

    Shenanigan's Irish Pub
    Though my bar experience has only recently begun to grow, I know enough of common sense and social interaction to know that Shenanigans is a great place to chill!
  • The Jackson County Fair

    The Jackson County Fair
    The Jackson County Fair occurs during one week every summer, taking place at the Expo in Central Point. No matter how old or young you are, there is always something to keep you busy and fill your time with fun!
  • Bear Creek Park

    Bear Creek Park
    I am lucky enough to live right across the street from Bear Creek Park. When I was little, my parents and I used to take the bike path from Central Point and go there, but the path goes all the way to Ashland if you’re up for an extended ride!
  • Bar Hopping in Downtown Portland

    Bar Hopping in Downtown Portland
    For my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, we wanted our first bar experience to be in one of our favorite places: downtown Portland! I’m 22, but have been anxiously waiting for the chance to go out with him, so we celebrated the night as if we were both turning 21!
  • Doubles with You - Takuji & Strangelilgirl

    Doubles with You - Takuji & Strangelilgirl
    My boyfriend and I plan on going to Japan in the next year or so, and we thought it would be fun to do doubles with someone who lives there as a way to mix both locations together and get even more excited about going. We were fans of Takuji's work and luckily he was just as excited about the idea as we were.