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Dreamy Portraits Taken Using the Diana F+

Loved for the unique, retro-esque photos it's capable of taking, the Diana F+ also makes a great choice for those who want to take beautifully dreamy portraits. Not quite sure about the idea? Well, just take a look at the selection of lovely portraits taken by our fellow lomographers using the Diana F+ after the jump!

How to Take Close-Up Shots With Your Lubitel 166+ That are IN FOCUS!

As great as the Lubitel 166+ is, there is one major disadvantage: the minimum focusing distance. While 80cm is close enough at most occasions, sometimes I would like to get closer. The easy solution to this is using close up filters, but most people who use use them end up guessing the correct focusing distance. From now on, you no longer have to guesstimate, but you can actually focus your image using your viewing lens! Read on and find out how.

166+ Series #25: Tipster 166+ - Lubikin

What happens when you decide to use the Lubikin set in the Lubitel 166+? Well you have to care about some new “rules” and go! There’s nothing difficult and you have to play with your creativity. The cool feature of this variation of the use of the Lubitel 166+ is that it’s all in the box!

Duvrovnik old town & beach

My First Experience with the Kodak EPH P1600X

This is my first experience with this rare slide film, now out of production, but still great for Lomographers. This is a nominal 400 ISO slide film (process E6) that can be pushed up to 1600 ISO with a special development. I used it at 200 ISO because I wanted to cross process it, and because it was expired from many years. Read more!

Lomo LC-A+ Russian Lens: A Review with a Twist

There are many, many reviews of the LC-A. This one is different. This one is about the LC-A Russian Lens. This one steps back and looks at the heart of the LC-A and why you should want one.

Olympus XA: The Perfect Camera to Capture People on the Street

A legendary camera designed by the legendary Yoshihisa Maitani, A pocketable rangefinder, that can easily rival most slrs. The fantastic 35mm 2.8 is one of the sharpest lenses i have used and has some of the best colour rendition i have seen in any camera both film and digital i have ever used.

Kiev 19: The Ukranian Beast

Some say it is a weak camera, but when I grabbed the Kiev 19, I felt that I could use her like a hammer. Learn more about this camera after the jump!

La Sardina : A Full of Experimental Potential Wide-Angle Camera

Every La Sardina suits well to every Lomographer. Are you the adventurous type of person like the La Sardina Copernicus? Or may be you're more calm and sexy type like the La Sardina Eight Ball? Hurry up, choose one ( or more ), and let's go fishing!

Your Best X-Pro Shot Rumble

We just reached an incredible milestone: we've recently received a whopping 500,000 likes on Facebook! Take part in this historic occasion as we hold a little contest to get your shot on our cover page!

The Cats of Istanbul

Before I went to Istanbul, I had no idea that there are so many cats in the streets! They are loved and petted by nearly all locals and tourists, and some look really majestic, not like normal street cats. I couldn't pass them without taking many pictures, and so I got a very huge cat gallery.

Analogue Day Activity: Go to a flea market and bring home something nice.

Many of us frequent our local vintage stores and flea markets, but not everyone gets to bring home something from these visits, right? Well, if you haven't been to your local flea market or lucky to add something to your rad collection/s, see if you can find the time to do so today!

Canoeing Down the Whanganui River

A majestic, beautiful and unique experience canoeing down the Whanganui (Wanganui?!) River, 145km in length. You can do this with a tour or you can plan your own journey; either way, it's a fun experience that will have you seeing some of the best sights of New Zealand.

The Perfect Lomo Combination

What makes a perfect lomo combo for me? Find out after the jump!

Enchanting Vivid Saturation of Kodak Ektachrome E100VS

Just like its initials, EVS (Ektachrome Vivid Saturation), this is the perfect slide film to shoot everyday objects into beautiful x-pro colors.

Perfect Combination: Pentax P30t and Ilford HP5+ / Neopan 400

Even if you have a ton of cameras and films to experiment with, we all have a perfect combo of camera/film to love. Here's mine!

Robert, my best friend's son
Spring in my home town by LUBITEL166+
Spring in my home town by LUBITEL166+

The Killer Combination: LC-Wide + Lomo X-Pro Slide 200

I had not tried the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 film with my LC-Wide before. It was a big mistake! Read on to find out why.

Cross Processing Colour Guide

Every cross processed slide films have different color shifts. In order to use them flexibly, why don't we have a color palette?

My 2013 Analogue Bucket List: I Would Like to Have Some Hard-to-Find Cameras

I started with the analogue photography and lomography just one year ago. I have collected 38 different cameras. I am missing only other 3 cameras. They are HARD TO FIND!

First Shots with Belair X 6-12

When I first got my Belair X 6-12 I decided that I needed to try different films. Every result I got was better than the one before!

Asahi Pentax S1A: Hidden Depths

A bargain-bin at a Blue Mountains junk shop leads to starred-out lights, long exposures, and shallow depth-of-field.

Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 - I Take a Walk on the Wild Side.

Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 is not for the faint of heart. It's a crazy, wild, unpredictable film...and lots of fun.

Fed 4

An overview of the fully manual Fed 4 rangefinder camera.

Birds in Park
Soldier #1
First use of Sunset Strip

Helsinki: The Winter Wonderland

Do you want to experience winter and urban adventures at the same time? Then you have to pack all the warm clothes you have and come to Helsinki, where you will find tons of snow, frozen sea and rivers, warm saunas and sweet cakes and buns.

Getting Festive with Bokeh

It’s safe to say that shooting Bokeh is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit. Not convinced? Well, take a look at these beautiful twinkling Bokeh shots and let that warm Christmassy feeling take over.

Camden Town Market & Lock and East London Street Art

LC-Wide: A Review After One Year and 30 Rolls of Film

When I first got my LC-Wide last year a few days after it was launched, I initially wanted to write a review about it after shooting a couple of films with the camera. Yet, something held me back -- I felt that this camera possessed so much potential and undiscovered talents in it -- something that would not be justified with just an article after only such a short time using it. I gave myself about one year to know the camera inside out before writing this review.