2013 - my year for 'proper' photography


I take a lot of photos. These have mostly been with my phones, or whichever Fuji point-and-shoot I have this year. I have been getting annoyed by digital, mostly due to the phones taking 3 seconds to decide how to take the shot then missing the moment and giving me a blurry smudge. But also because they don’t look as good, if they are in focus they are almost clinically in focus. I don’t like that.

By mistake, almost, I bought myself a Recesky TLR (the Chinese clone of the Gakkenflex). I wasn’t expecting much, but I’ve been really impressed with some of the pictures I’ve got with it.

Credits: spookydirt

But while I was rooting around on eBay looking for the Recesky, I found that ‘proper’ film cameras were getting really cheap. So I bought one. And then another about 5 minutes later, because I wish I’d got that one instead. One has a shutter that keeps seizing up; I’ve never put film through it., but the other works perfectly – That’s how I started with Voigtländer cameras, with a Vitoret D.

Credits: spookydirt

After I got that, I realised that I should get a Voigtländer Vito B, they still had a reputation as a great little camera, even though they were made back in 1957. So I got two.

Credits: spookydirt

These cameras are solid, very well built, and look great. They also take pretty good shots. I’ve been having so much fun in the past month taking ‘proper’ photographs, and learning how to use the aperture and shutter controls to get the photo I want. These are the first film photographs I’ve taken in nearly twenty years.

This is going to be my year of proper analogue photography.

Credits: spookydirt

written by spookydirt on 2013-01-14

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  1. santa-sangre
    santa-sangre ·

    Nice photos! I bought a Recesky 2 years ago and it´s probably the camera i use the most! I even made a photo exposition last year with it!