50's Analogue Photo shoot

We are staying in Devon for the Easter break, visiting our friend Jax (Jacqui) who’s recently turned to the sometimes depressing age of 40. A short while ago, I won a La Sardina in a Lomo DIY competition and have cherished it like Golum did so to the ring in the widely known book/film ‘Lord of The Rings’, however, i dont think i’ve become attached enough to be calling it “My Precious”. I brought my camera and 2 rolls of film to Devon and have already used them all up on multiple exposures of sheep and other interesting things. Luckily our friend Jax discovered 15 rolls of film within the depths of her house that were 7 years expired! On the night of Jax’s 40th I found the Bunny Yeager’s Darkroom competition on the Lomo website and discussed with Jax and her close friend Hazel. They were even more enthusiastic than I and we discussed the plan of action over a bottle of champagne, im only thirteen and didn’t drink any despite the intriguing sense of adultness that all kids my age feel when having a glass of any alcohol. The next day, Jax and Hazel were slightly less enthusiastic due to their serious hangovers from last nights celebrations. I drew out a plan for the photo shoot and then set off with my mum to Barnstaple to search through the charity shops for anything 50’s. Shortly after arriving we discovered that the charity shops were endless and we managed to go through at least 6 of them. I found a pair of white long gloves, a leopard print hat, a fury shoulder coat and a pair of cool blue shades. We then drove to Jax’s seaside house and delivered to the garments to our models (still hungover). We found two deck chairs from behind the house and carried them out onto the beach, the models, Hazel and Jax, dragging behind with Willow the dog who was bouncing up and down in excitement of the waves. I put in a roll of 35mm expired Fuji Superia and fired away. My models tried their hardest not to look freezing cold and they did a great job. The film hasn’t been developed yet and i hope for the best!

Credits: soreen

written by soreen on 2013-04-04